Thinking on Spring while warming at the fire

mar 24, '14 006

Various lettuces
March 24, ‘14
Spring isn’t so much in the air today but it certainly is here judging by the slant and strength of the sunlight. The temperature is a mere 27 degrees at 1:30 pm, 20 degrees below the average for this time of year. But the sun is strong and the light has added an appearance of warmth and heightened color. My poor little lettuces; they’ve grown too fast, they’re too ‘leggy.’ But look how they’re drawn to the sunlight…. Tending to them has given me much pleasure this past week.
The increased sunlight is drawing me out of my torpor. I sense that torpor still exists within, but is dissipating. I’ve stirred myself to do many small tasks these past few days. This morning, being wash day, I washed, dried and folded 2 loads of laundry. I’ve filled a bag with clothing to go to the Clothing Bin up by K-Mart, I’ve assembled some items to put out on the street in case some passerby might be interested in a pink flower pot or a flannel duvet. I’ve started another bag with canned food items to go to the collection basket in a church. I re-potted 4 orchids, one of mine and the others for a friend. At some point, I recognized that my feet and legs were cold, so am back on the couch and the space heater blasting my feet into warmth. My feet and legs are cold up to my knees, as if I’ve been wading in cold water…. My house should look neater for all the work I’ve been doing but alas, it looks untidier – all the constructive puttering I’ve done this morning has largely created new mess. I had to go through a lot of things to make up those bags of goodies and sooner or later, I need to go back and finish cleaning the cupboard and deal with the pile of clothes I’ve decided to keep.
I also decided today was a good day to tear down my winter quarters here in the living room and make it ready for spring. Then I heard on the news that it’s going to stay cold and that tomorrow will be gray and a snow storm coming late afternoon into evening. Only 2 inches….
So, the folding screen is leaning against the wall instead of enfolding my space and keeping in a little heat. The heavy blanket I put over the screen has been washed, dried and folded. I may have been too hasty….
Oh well.


This is Albert. On March 25, ’09 and tomorrow he’ll be 5 years old. He’s lived with me since May 25, ’09. He’s a good boy-cat and a fine companion. He was one hell of a fun kitten, constantly making me laugh. I’m having great difficulty believing that he’s already 5 years old. He could care less….
So, here we are, trudging into spring with feet of lead but with a leaping into spring in my heart.
A happy spring to all!

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2 Responses to Thinking on Spring while warming at the fire

  1. beetleypete says:

    (That’s better, the last one had no text, but I rated it anyway!)
    Sorry to hear it is still very cold there Gretchen. It was below zero here this morning, but warmed up to 10C with a sunny start. Hopefully, the memories of these cold days will soon be behind you.
    Albert looks like a fine cat indeed, and he must be a great companion for you.
    Best wishes as always from England, Pete.

  2. Winter seems to have it’s heels dug in deep, but spring is slowly pushing it out of the way. Things seem to be getting lighter and springy(may not be a word but I like it). Here is to us getting a few days of spring before the summer heat turns on!

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