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Memento Mori

    The last night that she livedIt was a common night,Except the dying; this to usMade nature different. Emily Dickinson August 31, ‘13 My heart is heavy with a sense of Loss.  The old house, #59 North St, in … Continue reading

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“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” Henry David Thoreau A SOMETHING in a summer’s day, As slow her flambeaux burn away, Which solemnizes me. A something in a summer’s noon,— An azure … Continue reading

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Ordinary Things

  “Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite. It actually takes guts. Each time we drop our complaints and allow everyday good fortune to inspire us, we enter the warrior’s world.”  Pema Chödrön, The Places That Scare You: … Continue reading

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Mundane musing….

Aug 16, ‘13    People need hard times and oppression to develop psychic muscles. Emily Dickinson During mid-August most of us in New England expect to be experiencing Dog Days — days of extreme warmth when all we do is … Continue reading

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9 a.m. and all is well.

What you seek is seeking you. ~Rumi August 11, ’13 Yesterday and this morning remind me of a song where I recall the tune and a few of the words; “Bring on those lazy, crazy, hazy days of Summer, those … Continue reading

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Singing the Blues….

August 9, ‘13   “I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some Blues.”  Duke Ellington I don’t know exactly what time the rain began.  I became consciously aware of it around 5am, in the dark of … Continue reading

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