This and That, May 1, ‘15


SLS 050105

Using our creativity is a form of prayer.

Julia Cameron

May 1, ‘15

This May Day ’15 is much as it was on long ago May Day ’05.  There’s a tentative blue in the sky, often replaced or partially covered over by layers of multi-gray clouds.  There’s a scent of spring in the air, but a cool one.  Grass is undoubtedly green and lush which no gray can dispel.  Buds on trees are still in the stage between bud and leaf and show on the hillside as if vivid yellow-green or pink clouds hovering over branches and trunks.  Magnolias are blossoming.  Due to the cool & cloudy weather, the flowers last for days.  There’s a huge magnolia tree in blossom across the street.  I’ve enjoyed the flowering for more than a week.


Kittens, the Boys, Hilly and Bill – are adding much life and happiness to my house.  They’re both growing and are now a bit fatter and have longer legs than they did almost 2 weeks ago.  They seem to be mentally balanced and sweet-natured little cats with distinct and unique emerging personalities. I (carefully) report that for the past 3 days, there’ve been no litter box problems.  They seem to have grasped the concept of the litter box being the only place to ‘go’.

We’ve had visitors and the Kittens have boldly and openly welcomed each and every one.  They’ve also entertained each and every one.  One friend said it’s as if I have my own personal clowns to entertain me and anyone who comes to my home.


Kitten’s eyeing their First Robin….


I had a student here with me yesterday morning and what a great time we had!  We talked about ourselves, Art, our lives and more Art.  It was sunny and warm in my studio area.  Not only did we enjoy watching the grass grow and become more green and the buds swell on their way to being leaves, but we laughed and talked as we worked and also enjoyed playful kittens.  Then we had lunch.  When it was time for her to go, it seemed as if she’d only been here for minutes when in fact, we were together for quite a few hours.  I’ve been feeling much invigorated by the experience.


I was without Computer for 4 days last week, which was an interesting experience that reminded me greatly of first days without Albert.  I couldn’t count the number of times I turned to my computer for one or another reason only to remember that it wasn’t there.  In a lot of other ways, it was like times when the power goes out, like the Halloween a few years ago when I was without power for almost 4 days because of a heavy snow storm that downed many power lines, and left us all crippled and isolated. No Electricity and the roads so filled with snow and downed wires that it was futile to even attempt to go anywhere.  But, like that storm, towards the end, when I was accustomed to the conditions, even enjoying them, the power came back on and so it was in the interim without the computer.  In the middle of the 4th day, when I was actually enjoying my day, the computer-guy called me and said my computer was fixed and ready to go and I was soon back to my computer habits.  Windows Service Installer has been reinstalled;  all programs are up to date and all viruses removed.  I now have no further excuse not to be working on an Inventory of all my paintings.

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4 Responses to This and That, May 1, ‘15

  1. beetleypete says:

    Lovely photo of the cats together at the window.
    I was also pleased to hear that you have blossoms and blooms, and a sense of Spring at last.
    It is chilly here too though, and forecast to get worse next week. Comparing having no computer to a power cut is very apt indeed. When we had a loss of Internet, it felt very similar to that feeling of being without electricity, and that was only for 24 hours. It’s always incredible to me, how much we have all come to depend on it.
    Very best wishes from England as always. Pete.

    • Somewhere around the 3rd day I was thinking it would be beneficial to me to depend on the computer less and even (gasp!) turn it off for long periods of time and merely sit still and read a book. I too find it incredible as to how much we all depend on our computers.

      Best wishes back to you. GG

  2. jajaacks says:

    So lovely to have two sweet kitties to share spring, and life, with!

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