Computer Repairs Ahead


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“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” (Edward Hopper)

April 23, ‘15

Oh,  how I wish today were as warm and bright as April 23, ’05….

But, it isn’t.  Here in the northeast, we seem to be in an April Shower weather pattern, which means that for the past three days we’ve seen a few widely dispersed moments of sun and blue sky, but precious few….  For the most part, the sky is gray with dark gray clouds and occasional outbursts of rain.  It’s also quite chilly.


I’ve known for a few months that my computer needs some work that I’m unable to do.  It also needs a good cleaning.  Since I’ve been out of work, I hesitate to spend the money for the repairs.  Fortunately, with repairs, the cleaning is free.

I’m planning on taking it for repairs late this afternoon or early tomorrow morning.

I don’t like the thought of being without my computer for 24 hours or more.  I think I’m on it just about every hour of my waking day –sometimes for moments, often for actual hours.  I think I can’t bear the thought of an evening without N*tflix, or time without Freecell, or F*cebook or email.  I’ll have to process words in a notebook with pencil on paper.  Photo upload and processing will have to be put on hold until my computer is back home.

Hopefully, it will make it back home in good working order.  There’s the off-chance that installing a core program over the tons of data I’ve saved will wipe out many files.  Without that core program, I can’t back up data on my computer.

Rock and a hard place….

I’ve come to a point where, in order to complete some projects I’ve begun, I need my computer to be in good working order, so will have to ‘bite the bullet.’  I’m putting as many files as possible on thumb drives.  I’ve uploaded all my photos to a cloud.

I’m hoping to be back online soon.


Life with Kittens –now called Billy and Hilly — has been sweet.  These two little bits of new life have been good for my soul.  They’re affable, innocent and trusting.  Their antics bring laughter.  They’re heart-melting cute.

There have been a few minor problems.  They both had travel induced and food-change diarrhea.  They’re only 7 weeks old, so aren’t quite trustworthy about using the litterbox.

Their instincts are good – they leave the area where they’re playing or sleeping — but aren’t as discerning as to the difference in texture between kitty litter and my favorite rug as I’d like them to be.  Like some little kids, it seems they’d rather play than heed the urge to urinate in the proper place and put off the urge until the last minute – and don’t quite make it.  I’ve dealt with that by keeping a close eye on them and even go so far as to carry them to the litter box if they haven’t gone in the half hour since they last ate or woke from a nap.  All a kitten has to do is appear as if assuming the position and I carry that one to the litter box.   They seem to learn quickly and so far today, have been more responsible for themselves than I’ve had to be.  When I hear a scratching sound, I go there and give them much praise.  I think that within the next week I’ll be able to safely say that they’re ‘litter trained.’

To ease the diarrhea, I cooked plain rice into a soupy mush and added a bit of shredded chicken.  They scarfed down a few bowls full in the past couple of days and the problem now seems to be solved.  They both have hearty and enthusiastic appetites.  No finicky eaters, here!

They’re both very curious about my parakeet.  She’s boldy and courageously let them know who’s in charge and other than those few pecks at their tiny little feet,  seems to be very accepting of having Billy and Hilly sitting alongside her cage and watching her play and eat.

 Apr 20, '15 049

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2 Responses to Computer Repairs Ahead

  1. beetleypete says:

    Glad to see the kittens settling Gretchen. When I had a cat (many years ago now) I used to put her into the litter tray as soon as I thought it was about time, and she got used to it very quickly.
    I hope that the computer service goes without a hitch, and look forward to see in you back here soon.
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

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