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There seems to be a spiritual law that if we want our good to increase, we must focus on appreciating & husbanding the good we already have. 

Julia Cameron

April 17, ‘15

I love these early spring days when Spring is in ascendancy and Winter is weakening and dying.  This past week, there has been much of Spring to love and much of Winter has melted away.

Yesterday and the day before and the day before that was much like the weather in the painting above from 2005.  Today we’re having April showers and all is tinged with clouds and gray.

Added to the  daily To-Do list are gardening chores.  I’ve made great strides in preparing Garden ’15.  I’ve started 30 tiny tomato seeds in peat pots in a tray;  I hope to see signs of sprouting in a few days.  I lengthened my garden space and turned over much of the soil in the ground  from last year’s garden.  I’m not too unhappy about taking a day off from the ground-turning because I’ve done it all that digging and turning with a garden spade and this morning, I’m slightly sore from the effort.  I’ve filled 5 heavy-duty garbage bags with sticks and debris from the raspberry patch for trash pick-up next Thursday morning.  Doesn’t sound like much, perhaps, but it’s a lot, to me.    Today I’ll plant Snow Peas at the end of the garden in the ground I just turnedand when it’s sunny again, I’ll install a fence for them to grow on.

Another thing on the To-Do list is to do what I can to kitten-proof my house.  Albert used to like to hide in a 10” x 36” space area behind the tub in the bathroom.  It was easy to block it off with a small cabinet because Albert was full-grown.  I didn’t want him to hide there because there’s a lot of fiberglass insulation in the space and I didn’t want him breathing in fiberglass.  A small kitten could easily slip behind the legs of the cabinet and get into that space beyond my reach.  The base board heating cover continues behind the tub so it will be difficult to cover such an oddly shaped space.  This morning I remembered I have a roll of Contac-paper and am going to attempt to use it to construct a barrier.   Another space that concerns me is one where a kitten could go under a narrow cabinet between the stove and the refrigerator and get caught behind either appliance.  I haven’t figured out a way to block that space but feel confident that before 9 a.m. tomorrow morning, I will.

Friends are coming to lunch tomorrow, to meet the new arrivals and celebrate the joyous event.

Anticipation is sweet.


Two of my paintings from the Redux pile that I’ve been working on.


Peaches Near and Far II BEFORE


Peaches Near and Far II AFTER


Peaches and van Gogh Iris BEFORE


Peaches and van Gogh Iris AFTER

I’m pleased with the progress although I still consider these paintings Works in Process.

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4 Responses to Anticipation

  1. beetleypete says:

    I love the texture in the painting of the house Gretchen.
    Good luck with your preparations for the kittens. I will be thinking of you tomorrow, with two excited new arrivals, and one excited owner!

    Best wishes as always, Pete.

  2. Sue says:

    I,too, shall be thinking of you tomorrow! The excitement of anticipation…..I am in much the same mood as I have just put in an offer for a flat, and the next stage of my life might just be starting!

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