Not quite Winter, not quite Spring….

Not quite Winter, not quite spring….

a barway


corner orchard

Corner Orchard

As artists, we are always seeking to express that which has not been expressed.

Julia Cameron

March 19, ‘15

The color of today is much like the color in these 2 paintings.   Snow is still covering the ground – not as much snow as in the top photo, nor as little snow as there is in the bottom photo.  It’s cold today, in the high 20’s right now and not expected to go much higher than 34 degrees later this afternoon.  Snow is forecast for tomorrow—the Vernal Equinox!   The expected accumulation is that there will be 2 – 6 inches.  The best thing about the forecast for today is the SUN!    Also good news: the fierce and howling winds of yesterday have subsided to breeziness.

The winds have been so fierce for the past few days that they made it difficult to drive a car in a straight line.  I went to visit friends for dinner in a town 25 miles from home.  Driving back in the fierce winds and suddenly encountering many icy patches on the road from where the sun had been melting snowbanks during the day made me feel especially vulnerable.  I was glad to arrive safely,  and relax from the tension of driving home.


One of the great things about these past winter months has been the time spent with my Junior High very dear friend who I met in our first week of 7th grade.  At this point in time, we’re both working less and have more time for the important things in life – re-connecting with friends, re-connecting with each other, connecting to who we were in the past and filling in the spaces with our stories of where we were, how we were and what we were doing, thinking, feeling in the times where there are large gaps when we lost touch.

Yesterday was also quite sunny.  My friend came to my house around 10 with her painting kit and we sat down to work and talk and had a lovely 2 or so hours.    We sat in my sunny window, working, talking, watching the clouds scudding across the sky, the trees waving in the wind and the shadows changing color and shape on the snow in the yard next door.   Albert is comfortable with D by now. He joined us, basking in a pool of sun at my feet.  At my moment of being aware of feeling happy and thinking ‘it doesn’t get much better than this’ a very long skein of Canada Geese flew over from southeast to north west in their characteristic V-form.  There must have been hundreds of geese in that skein as it took a few minutes for them to pass over.  We could hear them honking over the sounds of the wind.  They made a beautiful pattern in the sky.  They were arranged in a very sharply angled V-shape, as if to make a knife  form that would collectively pierce the winds and turbulent skies.  To me, the geese sounded elated, as if to be flying in high winds and make a beautiful pattern in the sky was something they could do easily and enjoyed enormously.  I know I felt elated to see and hear them and it was good to feel so.

After the geese had flown over and all we could hear was the wind, we noticed that 2 hours had passed since we first sat down and now we were hungry.  We decided to go around the corner and have lunch at a local diner.  We left Albert sleeping in the sun.  At the diner, our waitress seated us in a sunny corner and our conversation – and much more laughter – continued.  And, as it seemed to me, suddenly another 2 hours had passed and it was time to move on to other things in our day.


The two paintings are from an on-going series of work done in my childhood neighborhood.  I grew up in an old farm house that was surrounded by land belonging to a large Dairy Farm and Apple Orchard in NW CT.  I haven’t worked on this series too much in recent years because I’ve allowed other things to take precedent.  When I drove through the farm land on a visit my mother this past week, I noticed that trees and other landmarks are changing and some are disappearing.  I’d like to spend more time working there in the next year and hope that’s something I’ll be able to work into my life during the coming year.


Albert is doing well.  He’s mildly handicapped by his large belly.  He’s still happy.  He makes me happy. I don’t sense any undue suffering on his part.  I bought him another 30 day supply of lasix.

I received the last bit of money owed me by my former employer.  I don’t know what’s next.  Right now, all is well.

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3 Responses to Not quite Winter, not quite Spring….

  1. beetleypete says:

    Glad to read of you more settled, and of happy times with your old friend. Once the weather breaks, surely things can only look up? I sincerely hope so.
    I also love to see the geese flying in formation, a regular sight around here.
    Very best wishes from England. Pete.

  2. candidkay says:

    “I don’t know what’s next. Right now, all is well.” Those are brave words. Kudos to you for staying in the moment and keeping in touch with friends instead of hibernating.

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