Cabin Fever on the Wane


SLS 030505

Mar 9, 15

The color of today is similar to the color in the above painting.  The sun is strong and bright.  There’s no wind.  I stepped onto the porch to get the mail.  There was no sting of bitter cold in the air.  There was a hint of the scent of spring.  I think Winter’s back isn’t quite broken, but almost….

I looked through the paintings for March I did in that Winter of ’05 and noticed there had been snow storms throughout the month.  But, the color has changed from deep cold to mild cold – like today — and all these signs are Hopeful.


I’ve done many hours of work on a painting in my Redux pile.  One in particular has gotten a lot of time and attention.  Working on it has helped me pass many a Snow-bound hour.


As of late November, ’14


heavily washed areas


As of Mar 9, ’15

I’ve given the overall painting a good washing with clear, warm water.    In many areas  I washed off a great deal of paint.  (Middle photo)

I spent quite a few hours  re-building the tone using various shades of Indigo– the neutral darks and grays and mixing in white to make pale grays.

I spent quite a few hours lightening and high-lighting with white.

I’ve been using thin, built-up layers of white to fill in holes and to white-out darks that were too dark & wouldn’t wash out.

Next, I’ll start adding thin glazes of hue – color – & replace the color I washed out.  This painting is almost where I’d like it to be and I’m pleased


mar 2, '15 018

For some reason, Albert likes to sleep on this painting.  I have no idea what he likes about it but I do know that when I leave it on the floor, he’ll push aside the paintings on the top so he can sleep on this painting — even when it’s not in the sun.  Since his illness, this painting has taken on a special meaning to me because of his interest.  I was working on this painting earlier today because Albert chose to sleep in the intense sunlight that was pouring over the rug near the window.

In recent weeks, his coughing fits have subsided; many days have gone by where he hasn’t coughed at all.  This morning, he’s been coughing far more than is usual and my level of concern is heightened.

The day is growing warmer and the spring birds have been singing.  The immediate world is glaring white.  The snow is going ‘rotten’ from the warmth of today.



SLS 031205

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5 Responses to Cabin Fever on the Wane

  1. beetleypete says:

    Lovely paintings Gretchen, and nice to see Albert appreciating your art too! I hope that the weather breaks soon for you, and let’s also hope that we both have a great summer!
    Very best wishes, Pete.

  2. I not only enjoyed seeing what you ar eworking on but how and the washing of the painting and its effect and then your re-building it after the wash. Thank you for sharing and informing.

  3. Kathy says:

    I so honor your painting and the way it expresses you and how you see life. I also honor the waning of Cabin Fever and the coming of spring (should I even whisper that?)

    • Thank you for your comment and compliment on my work! Yes, Cabin Fever is on the wane thanks to a few days of sun, snowmelt and rising temperatures. Funny how temps in the mid to high 30’s feels like a heatwave after the Arctic bitterness we had all winter.

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