Between Storms


Storm yesterday, storm tomorrow…. WC Sketch Feb 10, ‘15

We all have access to Universal support that can empower us if we will just encounter it.

Julia Cameron

Feb 10, ‘15

Welcome to storm-tossed New England, a world of Snow and Cold.  The snow storms, they just keep coming and coming….  The cold is persistent.  In the next 5 days we’ll have a day of “fair” – sun and a little above freezing–  then 1- 3 inches more snow and then “brutally cold” for the next 3 or 4 days after that….

It’s difficult to get enthusiastic about anything with a weather report like that.


Albert had a couple of days where he didn’t seem at all well and where my emotions were closer to the surface than usual.  This past Friday I called the vet and asked if I could double the dosage of Lasix,  He agreed and I doubled the dose.  Since Saturday afternoon, Albert seems more like himself.  His breathing is easier and so is mine.

I’m grateful for this respite, for the hopeful progress and for his continued companionship through recent storms.  Last night, he got out of his bed and mewed piteously for some ice cream I was eating.  I was overjoyed by his behavior, even though I didn’t give him any ice cream.  I went to the kitchen for some cheese and let him beg for that, instead.


Still, no check has come in the mail and no communication from my former employer.   Right now, the only thing I can think of to do about anything is to get dressed and go shovel some snow.

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2 Responses to Between Storms

  1. beetleypete says:

    It seems as if the weather is both reflecting and exacerbating your moods Gretchen. I can only imagine the relentless cold and snow, and waiting for the cheques to arrive. It is all quite sad, and as there is also nothing I can do to help, I feel a little powerless. I can only continue to send my thoughts and best wishes, and to hope that something improves soon.
    Regards from England as always, Pete.

    • Thoughts and best wishes for things improving soon are GREATLY appreciated. The sun has been shining for the past 2 hours and I’ve dug my car out of the snow, cleaned it off and cleared snow out of my parking spot. Exercise and being in the sun has been an elixir! Thank you for your comment and best wishes to you.

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