Cold and snowy day

When we have the courage to dream with passion and precision, the Universe responds. 

Julia Cameron


Two Hour Oil Sketch Jan ‘1994

(from the front window of my mother’s house)

February 5, ‘15

In appearance, a beautiful day.  We have sun, which is almost literally a sight for sore eyes.  The gray and snowy days has many complaining of Cabin Fever is setting in; we’re all crabby, irritable and short of vitamin D, so a few moments spent with face to the sun is worth the few moments of piercing cold and bitter winds.

I woke to snowfall which wound-down around noon, leaving almost 4 more inches of powdered snow for us to shovel.  Up until an hour or so, the sky was grimacing and gray.  Now, it’s blue with big white clouds.  The wind has died-down a bit, but is still strong and loud.

I have yet to shovel my front walk and sidewalk.  I’m really good at procrastinating that loathsome but necessary chore.  Later….

The business part of my past few days has been to apply for fuel and housing assistance.  I’ve met some good people and feel hopeful.

Albert is doing OK.  He’s 100% himself although I can see that physically, his breathing is mildly labored at all times, even when he’s sleeping.  I’m most grateful to have had him with me the past few days of snow, wind and storms.  I think he has a good attitude and I’m working hard to follow his example.

I’ve done some, but not a lot, of work on my project of refurbishing paintings I never finished.  Mostly my artist time has been spent on One Hour watercolor sketches in my notebook.  To me, the discipline of sitting still and working on a painting for an hour is calming, meditative and healing for mind and soul – and keeps the dream alive…


Here’s the ‘best of’





Time was up before I could finish this one.  The yellow and blue gave me a great lift!

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4 Responses to Cold and snowy day

  1. beetleypete says:

    The snow scene at the top is so peaceful Gretchen. If it wasn’t for the tarmac road, it could be from the 1860s. Glad to hear that Albert is doing OK, but it’s a shame to have to shovel that snow.
    Best wishes from England. Pete.

  2. chris ludke says:


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