Pictures and Words


A picture that’s worth 1000 words….

The quote on the pad is from a movie I watched

last night.  Of all the debris on the couch this morning, this is where

Albert chose to take his morning nap. 

I discovered him here after I was out of the room for a few minutes.

Feb 3, ‘15

Six days ago one of my sisters challenged me to a 5-Day Artist challenge on Facebook where the artist had to post 3 paintings per day and a brief description or explanation.  I had a good time with the challenge, it was a cheering diversion from gloom, grief and too much snow.  I’m posting all 5 of my daily entries here.


DAY ONE:  Day One of Five, Artist Challenge….  Three a day for the next five days.  Thank you to my sister Ann, who challenged me and to xxx, who’s led the way and is already in Day 3.

I’ve gone deep into my archives to find these paintings that match the mood of today.  These are from my South Lake St era (1995 -2008) and are Watercolor on Archival paper.





DAY TWO:  These three drawings are part of a series of 10 or 12 that I did in a small pad of Arches drawing paper using BIC mechanical pencil.  The series is titled Remembrances of Vacations Past.  I did this series in August ’06 in approximately a week, when I took a staycation and indulged myself in life as Artist.  All the objects are souvenirs from former vacations.  Tonight is cold and windy and life is hard.  It’s sweet to look back to a time when things were good.




DAY THREE: Between Aug and Nov ’11,  I taught a Saturday morning ‘Painting Outside’ class at Gustafson’s Farm on Linkfield Rd.  in Watertown CT — my childhood neighborhood.  My childhood neighborhood is relatively unchanged from the time I was a child.  Painting there was exciting and brought back many memories.  Every Saturday from Aug to Nov the weather was wonderful and the time spent painting there as an adult is now part of the memories of my childhood.

I hope no one minds, but I’m posting 4 paintings this morning.


eds ford truck

More details squared

painting 3 final

DAY FOUR: These three Watercolor paintings are representatives from a series I did starting in 2005 to 2009 called Peaches and Postcards that featured one or more Peaches and one or more postcards from my postcard collection.  Some of the postcards I bought because I liked them and some were from friends.  In the series there were a few large paintings, many medium size paintings and many of these small ones.  The arrangement possibilities with one or more artificial peaches, postcards, drapery and other small objects are endless and I explored the possibilities quite happily for a very long time.

I somewhat cheated on the postcard in Peach and A. Getz.  I once took a class taught by Arthur Getz and I wanted to pay him homage in this series.  I copped a New Yorker cover from the Internet, then reduced it to postcard size on my computer and printed it on a blank post card.  I selected this particular cover because the house in the painting on the cover is much like the house of a friend who always flew the American Flag on National Holidays, particularly Memorial Day and the 4th of July.  The drapery in this painting is a dishtowel that has a Toulouse Lautrec poster printed on it.

peach and a getz

peach and cezanne

peach and hiroshige

DAY FIVE:  Today I’m posting 3 of my personal favorites.  Turning Point is oil on canvas and represents a time in my life when I was at a place in Montgomery Center VT where I needed to make a decision, the easy way or the hard way.

Two Trees is oil on matteboard.  I went away for many years and when I came back those formerly spindly sprigs were now full-grown trees.  The two trees were across the road from the bar way at the northern end of Gustafson’s Farm.  One of the trees recently fell down.  On the far hill stands Tree Island.  Thanks to Ann, who named that stand of trees.  Tree Island seems never to change, except with the seasons.

The third painting only has the title One Hour Painting.  This was done on a beautiful October day from a spot on the bank of the Bantam River in White’s Woods where I went to do one hour paintings more times than I can count in the years I lived close by.

Painting 1x


1 hr painting

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6 Responses to Pictures and Words

  1. beetleypete says:

    In all honesty Gretchen, I do love your paintings of houses and views. I am going to buy one, one of these days. My favourite today, is the first one, of the side of the white house in the snow. That’s so hard to get right, and I absolutely love it! When you are feeling down, seeing these paintings again must surely lift your mood? It worked for me.
    Thanks for brightening my evening in Norfolk.
    Best wishes as always, Pete.

    • When I’m painting I’m in a very peaceful and happy state of mind. Going through the paintings and drawings and making decisions as what to post also put me in a peaceful, balanced state of mind. Thank you so much for your comment.

  2. What a wonderful collection to share here Gretchen! I am just about finished my round of #5dayart on Facebook and another on G+ was completed yesterday. It is kinda fun to pull the work together like this and create a platform for other artists at the same time. Good on you for thinking to share them on here on your blog as well.

  3. Fantastic! I love seeing this much of your work all at once! Thank you!

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