I feel horrible….

I feel horrible. She doesn’t

love me and I wander around  

the house like a sewing machine  

that’s just finished sewing

a turd to a garbage can lid.

Richard Brautigan


Blizzard Jan 2015

Jan 27, ‘15

So, the big, scary blizzard turned out to be a normal-for-January-big winter storm and Big Whoop to the media hype.  I’ve lived through bigger and scarier.  Of longer duration, deeper snow, loss of electricity….  I can appreciate the potentials of this type of winter storm and am glad to have been spared.  Thank goodness for Electricity, Cell Service and Netflix. 


Thank goodness for Storm Food!


Thank goodness for Therapy Cat!

Thank goodness for the love and support of Family and Friends.

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2 Responses to I feel horrible….

  1. beetleypete says:

    We saw the big snowstorm on the TV news Gretchen,and it looked bad. Good to know that you have survived worse, and you are managing OK. I am pleased to read of all the support, and as I can only send moral support from England, consider it sent!
    My very best wishes as always, Pete.

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