Day after Christmas Day, ’14

december 12 riversidex

Riverside , Torrington Ct, Dec ’12

All creative ideas are children who deserve our protection.

Julia Cameron

Dec 26, ‘14

The day after Christmas is one of my favorite days of the entire Christmas/New Year Holiday.  The fact that the sun is what woke me early this morning and that it’s shining strong some 5 hours later, makes this Day after Christmas Day, all the better.  The fact that the sun woke me and NOT the kid upstairs who runs and screams at 5a.m. makes this day even better, yet.  That kid didn’t wake me yesterday, either.  For the past two days there has been nothing coming down from Upstairs that hasn’t been anything but sound – NO noise, NO excessive noise — and what a blessing that’s been for me.  The boy woke me a few times earlier in the week, well before 6a.m.each time.   I regaled him with Rigoletto, quite loud but not at full volume.  Perhaps he doesn’t like Opera as much as I don’t like to hear him pounding on the floors early in the morning.

Perhaps this sound, in place of excessive noise,  is a trend.  I certainly hope so as I’ve enjoyed waking to a peaceful house and peace (replacing anger and outrage) in my heart.

Today, I have nowhere to go, nothing that HAS to be done….  I have sun streaming through my front windows and with all that light, I’ve had much stress-free time to work on my paintings and dream my dreams.  I’ve been listening to 3 hours of Albert King playing the blues on Yout*be.  I’ve been eating cookies and leftovers from yesterday’s Fabulous Feast with Friends.  My mind is entertaining sweet memories of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, ’14.  In the here and now, all’s right with my world.

The temp today is mild for December, 48 degrees.  Tomorrow is forecast to be a few degrees warmer with the days of sun continuing through to Monday.  Oboy!


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4 Responses to Day after Christmas Day, ’14

  1. beetleypete says:

    Sounds like a powerfully good day all round Gretchen. I am really happy that your Boxing Day wasn’t spoilt by anything, and left you in such a positive mood. The painting looks great too!
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

  2. May New Year have bright new beginnings for you and safety.

  3. jajaacks says:

    Love the painting, Gretchen! I hope your new year is full of silence, or at least non-excessive noise.

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