Bowl of Cherries and White’s Wood Barn Updaate

Survival Rule: Do it, don’t judge it.

Julia Cameron

Dec 7, ’14

Sun today!

And updates on the two paintings I started re-constructing yesterday.





Much of the background, behind the bowl and cherries,  has been pushed back, using a variety of grays applied with a very water wash.  The pussywillow pattern on the bowl has been defined and the bowl as well as areas in the background have been given a new layer of blue to work into.  I also deepened the contrast areas in the cherries and gave them more definition  by outlining them in a dark gray/black made from Alizarin Crimson and Viridian (Green).  I also spent a lot of time cleaning and softening edges with wet Q-tips as well as using wet Q-tips to lift ‘mud’ out of light areas.





The thickest paint on the barn has been scrubbed down and lifted.  The remaining green of the barn – shadow and light – has been given a very watery glaze of Cadmium Red, which, to me, has alleviated the greenness of the green.  The skyline was given the palest tint of yellow on the right, red closer to the barn.  The roof was given a thin glaze of Cadmium Orange.   All lines of the barn have been straightened and the forest behind the barn, especially in the roof area, has been more clearly defined, mostly by using a cool blue.  I added a bit more pure Cadmium Red to a few of the trees near the barn, which also helps to counterbalance so much green.

I’m much happier with these paintings, for today, although I still consider them Works In Process.  Happy Sun Day!

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1 Response to Bowl of Cherries and White’s Wood Barn Updaate

  1. beetleypete says:

    Looking much improved already Gretchen, especially the bowl and cherries. The sun must have given you inspiration!
    Best wishes from England. Pete.

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