Nov 30, ’14

Nov. 30, ‘14


Foggy Morning with Warming Trend (January ’12)

Winter is Icumen in,

Lhude sing Goddamm.

Raineth drop and staineth slop,

And how the wind doth ramm!

Sing: Goddamm.

Skiddeth bus and sloppeth us,

An ague hath my ham.

Freezeth river, turneth liver,

Damm you; Sing: Goddamm.

— Ezra Pound

The Thanksgiving Holiday, almost over,  is fading into the quiet of a late Sunday afternoon and  gray skies.  The air is mild-on-the-chilly-side, without the bitterness of the cold we’ve had most of the week.

One holiday down, two to go….

We’re in a warming trend for the next few days – low 50’s for a day-time high.    We had sun for a few hours today – mid-morning through mid-afternoon.

Friends came over for coffee and a visit this morning and also to leave me odds and ends of food from their refrigerator and larder.  I volunteered to baby-sit their house plants for the winter and they brought those, as well.  My friends are heading for their winter home in Florida early tomorrow morning.  They’ll be gone until late April.  I’ll sure miss them these next 4 months.  The only good thing about their leaving is that Spring will be here when they return, which is really stretching a point and somewhat glossing over the deepest part of the up-coming winter months.    After they left, I spent a few hours sitting in my sunny spot working on a few more paintings.


Foggy Morning with Warming Trend (January ’12) is one of the last paintings I did before I moved from Culvert Street and since it’s almost the 2 year anniversary of finding a Notice to Vacate pinned to my door, and since the color of the weather in the painting is similar to the color of today, I thought to include it.  The overall tone  seemed pale when I found it in a pile of other paintings from Culvert St so I deepened darks and heightened lights and spent a few moments down memory lane as I worked.  This view was from one of the windows in my kitchen, looking across a valley toward the northeast.  This view is the first I saw of the outside every morning from my bedroom door.  I miss it.


Apples and Chinese Bowl on Dreamer Table.

Apples and Chinese Bowl on Dreamer Table.  Another Dreamer Table painting.  As I keep finding paintings in the archives it will be interesting to me to see exactly how many paintings I actually did with the Dreamer Table background.  I seem to be great at starting paintings, not so great at actually finishing them.

After the Chinese Bowl broke I threw away most of the very small bits of shard.  There was one hunk left of the bowl that bore any resemblance to a bowl and I saved that piece.   Sometime later, I found an item in a Thrift – a clear plastic oval about 7”long and 5” wide with little ‘feet’ — that added about a half inch to the height of the stand.  It made a perfect display stand for what remained of the bowl.  With some kind of epoxy I glued the bowl to the stand and continued to use it in still life paintings.  In the setups I artfully disguised the fact that it was only half a bowl.  Sadly, I threw the bowl and stand in the trash before I moved to Brookside Ave.  While I worked on this painting today, I had my first regrets at having trashed the bowl.  The bowl in this painting needs work and it would have been helpful to actually have the original bowl to work from.

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One Response to Nov 30, ’14

  1. beetleypete says:

    That was a clever trick with the bowl Gretchen, I would never have known.
    Nice to have a ‘winter home’ to go to, somewhere warm and sunny. Your friends are lucky.
    That made me envious for a moment or two.
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

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