Nov 5, ’14

You are the one who must seek– and claim– your own creative destiny.  Julia Cameron

Nov 5, ‘14

Today is filled with Morosity.  The weather is morose and so is the weather in my heart after I read the news about Elections and Winners all over the Country.  I am not filled with hope after reading the over-all results.


Here’s what I’ve been working on this morning.



 Horse and Jug with Apple



I worked on this and several other paintings this morning.  This is one from ’09 featuring my dear old Blue Jug, Dala Horse and ‘50’s table cloth with grapes and leaves.

The jug was given to me by my parents as a gift for watching their dog while they were in South Carolina at my grandfather’s funeral.  It’s not an antique but a damn fine replica of one.    I love the blue and keep it in a place where it’s sure to catch Light.  The Dala Horse from Sweden shows up quite often in my still life paintings.  I still have the table cloth but it’s been packed away for years.

This morning I heightened areas of color and deepened shadow areas.  To me, everything in the painting is now closer to where I feel it should be and there’s an increasing sense of all-over harmony between each element.



Fake Pear and Shell on Dreamer Table



Another long-lost Dreamer Table painting….  The fake pear is carved from wood and then painted.  I bought it as a souvenir of a day trip and fabulous lunch with a good friend.  I never liked the fake pear much as an item to use in a painting so sent it to Goodwill a few months ago with a lot of my other fake fruit.  On the painting this morning, I deepened tone and heightened some of the color in the foreground, re-defined the Shell.


Peach and Bleumner

Peach and Bleumner is one of my favorite paintings from a series I did called Peaches and Post Cards. as each painting in the series featured one or more peaches and an Art Post Card from my collection.  I liked this painting so much I decided  to keep it rather than frame it and put it in a show that featured my series.    I seriously love the work of artist Oscar Bluemner.  ( ) The post card depiction is one of my favorite paintings.   What I did to  my painting this morning honoring Bluemner  was to deepen some of the tone a little and add a little light to a few dark areas in the peach.


Pear and Prendergast

Another small painting from Peaches and Postcards,  this one featuring a live pear and a postcard from the New Britain Museum of Art with a copy of a Watercolor by Maurice Prendergast and the same old Shell I’ve used in so many paintings.  I love Prendergast’s expressive, colorful and calligraphic watercolors.  The blue and white check cloth back drop is a dish cloth and a favorite in my backdrop collection.  It has never dried a dish….

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4 Responses to Nov 5, ’14

  1. beetleypete says:

    Good blues in those paintings. A typical ‘Gretchen Blue’.
    That seems appropriate, given the massive Republican victories in your mid-terms. Like this country, and much of Europe, the USA is lurching to the Right.
    Best wishes from England. Pete.

  2. chris ludke says:

    It’s dreary here in VA. too today. And tomorrow rain if they’re right.
    I heard now that the elections are over gas prices will go back up no matter who won.
    At least you’re making good progress on the painting and that’s not coming out morose! It’s uplifting!

  3. Lovely! Every one ambitious in the juxtaposition of pattern, image and natural elements, and depicted beautifully! Thanks for sharing!

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