Every Pitcher tells a story. Don’t it?

Nov 4, ‘14

  1. ???????????????????
  2. Another beautiful, seasonal day.  Sun, 45 degree temp and more leaves on the ground than on the trees.  My Japanese Maple still has most its leaves and man, are they RED!


As the sun flooded my work area this morning, I managed to spend a few hours working on a few more paintings from the basket.  This morning I worked on Egg Cup and Pitcher with Shard, Pitcher and Horse, and Apples on Dreamer Table.  For the most part, what I did this morning was to intensify the value contrast using a gray made of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber – my favorite go-to gray.

Ultramarine Blue is my favorite Blue – my Mother Color!

I applied a few glazes of color, red and yellow  – the horse, apples and berries —  but sparingly.

Dreamer Table painting



Apples in Bowl on Dreamer Table



Back Story:  I called it ‘The Chinese Bowl’ for all the years I owned it.    The bowl met a tragic end while I was still living in Litchfield.  I saved the broken pieces for a few years and discarded the pieces when I moved as I’d found no one who wanted them for any kind of purpose.  The bowl was hand-painted and to me, very beautiful.  I used it frequently in still life setups.  It had been a gift from a friend and I think it had a bit of antique quality.  RIP, Chinese Bowl….  Here it can be seen on The Dreamer table, filled with apples.

2 Pitcher Paintings



 Pitcher and Egg Cup with Shard



Back Story:  I bought the Pitcher and the Feed Sack back drop on a visit to friends in Vermont a year or so after I officially moved from Vermont back to Connecticut.  I bought the Egg Cup on ebay and sometime after I left-off on this painting, I sold both the Pitcher and the Egg Cup on Ebay.   I still have the feed sack, which is much faded.  I still have the egg which is a fake egg intended to encourage actual chickens to lay eggs.  The embroidered cloth in the foreground is still in my collection and the shard, formerly a hand-painted decorative plate that fell off the wall and broke to bits, I use on my stovetop as a spoonrest. I love the blue and I love the bird.  I stopped by the roadside in White’s Woods to pick the berries.



Horse and Pitcher on Blue



Back Story:  The Dala Horse shows up often in my paintings from this time.  It was a gift to my niece from a Foreign Exchange Student from Sweden and she gifted it to me.  The pitcher, berries and the pink-checked feed sack are the same as in the painting above.  The covered jar with the blue hand-painted ornamentation is what replaced my Chinese Bowl.  I gladly paid $50.00 for it when I spotted it in an antique store.  I thought to sell it on Ebay, but can’t yet bring myself to part with it.  it doesn’t show here, but one of the things I love about the painting on this jar is the goldfish.  The blue-checked cloth is a dish cloth that a friend was tossing because it had a rip in it.  I loved the blue checks, so used the cloth for awhile in set-ups until I realized that it was too complicated, too intricate….  The shell is featn the shell is a glass eye from a doll, used only once.

I think the composition of the 2 pitcher paintings is too fussy and more complicated than it needs to be.  That being said, I enjoy the intricacy and all the places for an eye to wander.

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2 Responses to Every Pitcher tells a story. Don’t it?

  1. beetleypete says:

    The leaves on that maple are truly stunning Gretchen. And your good eye for blue really shows in the paintings. Glad it is still sunny for you!
    Best wishes from England. Pete.

  2. I, too, like all the places for the eye to wander…and think these paintings could be studied for hours, to find all their secrets and precious objects. Thanks, Gretchen, a joy!

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