Me and a popular Auction site….


Sold for $5.50 + S&H!

Today is chilly and gray.  A perfect day for staying inside and watching the world through windows.

Still, no frost where I live.

Thanks to Ear Plugs, I slept-in this morning.  This past week, I’m becoming a sleep addict….

I’m still wearing Ear Plugs; without them, the Upstairs Kids frenzied floor-pounding would be unbearable & outrageous.  They’ve literally been floor-pounding for 3 1 /2 hours.

I’ve been in a state of down-time doing Inventory and and planning Dispersal of former treasures that are now trash.

Which means I’m too bummed to spend time on anything new and creative so am working on my infrastructure until such moment as creativity returns – or until the Stuff isn’t as overwhelming, whichever happens first….

Before Inspiration; chop wood, wash dishes.

After Inspiration; chop wood wash dishes.

I’m metaphorically ‘washing dishes.’


I’m watching en E bay auction and while I wait to see how many of my 3 items have sold, it seems like a good time for an E bay story.

Last Saturday, after a very lengthy period of heavy-duty Procrastination, I uploaded all information and photos for 3 items I’ve been intending to sell on E bay.  I was happy with myself for finally getting around to this task and checking it off my very long list of Things to Do.

At a point in time — roughly from 2000 to 2008– I sold many items on eBay and made a fair amount of money.  I sold items for myself and others.  It was a Seller’s Market and I had much to sell – or was able to find much to sell….  It was more fun than not; well-worth the time spent in photographing, measuring, weighing and writing a description of each thing for sale.  Well-worth the wrapping and packing and the trips to the Post Office and all the time spent waiting in line and filling out forms….

Things started to get rough in 2008, after the stock market crash and savings and loan failures and myriad other events that dulled & deadened The Economy.  Postage went up.  eBay sales were fewer and fewer and the whole thing began to be a discouraging waste of time and energy.

Part of the fun was the thrill of the Auction.  I had a tiny taste of that fun with an auction item I offered this week.  I listed a View Master for 99 cents and during the week 99 cents rose to $1.50 and then to $3.25 to $5.00 and then, finally, at the end,  to $5.50.

Peanuts, however,  compared to some great E bay stories from the past….

The other 2 items didn’t sell, had very few ‘views’, had no followers or a last-minute bidding frenzy.  I wasn’t surprised that they didn’t sell but up to the end, I was hoping.  Often, the hoping is part of the fun.

These are all things I’ve been carrying for years, things that were given to me by people who were down-sizing and glad to give me things to sell just for the taking it away….

Now, years later, I think I understand how they felt.


Unsold — off to Goodwill!


Unsold — back to the basement!

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2 Responses to Me and a popular Auction site….

  1. beetleypete says:

    I have bought a lot of things from ebay, hundreds of items in fact. However, I have never sold anything there. I just couldn’t be bothered with the technicalities of the site postings, or having to hang around at the post office to send everything. I know some people who earn a good living from it, so well done to them.
    Is there nothing that can be done about the noisy kids above you? Can’t the landlord do anything by way of a warning? The parents must be so inconsiderate. Even though I don’t know a great deal about your life, that family really annoys me. If I ever win the lottery, I will send you the money to buy a bungalow. Then, like us, you will never have anyone above you again, as long as you live.
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

    • I also buy much from ebay. If I can’t find what I need in local stores I search ebay and am usually very pleased. .

      The upstairs noise comes from 4 grandchildren of the grandmother who’s the tenant. She also has custody of the children because the mother seemed incapable. Long story…. It also seems that consideration of others isn’t in her book, nor was it in her daughter’s book and now, seemingly, the children will have the same set of manners….. I’m constantly on the lookout for another place but so far, no luck, so working hard to tough it out as graciously as possible until I can move. They’re extremely irksom and a lot of work to ‘live and let live.’ For now, anyhow, it looks as if I’m spending the winter here.

      Thank you so much for your lottery wishes, I really appreciate the thought. I bought a Lottery ticket this past Thursday for the exact same reason but it wasn’t a winner, alas.

      Best wishes from New England. GG

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