Decorative Painting Projects Summer ‘14

Sept 29, ‘14


Albert on Floorcloth


Sunflowers DD, ’14.  Floorcloth, 7.5 x 5

I’m still working on this very large floorcloth and have settled some of the areas I’ve considered problems.  And yet, it’s still not finished.  Close, but no cigar….  There are still details, details, details….

I’ve been working on this cloth on the floor in a large open area in my living room/studio.  Albert likes it when I’m working on the floor and is usually in my face making a pest of himself or lying quietly by my side.  I normally work on a large table but this cloth is too large and bulky so I work on it on the floor.  It’s a good thing I’ve kept up with some of the yoga poses I learned years ago.  I sit on the floor, one leg tucked close to my body and the other stretched out and , bending from the waist, I lean forward and work on what’s in front of me as far as I can reach.  I enjoy the perspective of viewing my subject from above and making art where people viewing it will have to look down on it, while walking across.

This floorcloth was made in a sunny spot where the color is vibrant and intense.  It’s my hope that this art will bring sunshine into a corner of a house where  there is no window or sun.  The walls in the corner are made of stone, the overall color in the room is predominately stone gray.  The floor this cloth will be covering is gray cement.  A month or so ago I took the floorcloth to the country kitchen where it’s going to be.  I thought at the time that the color on it was good but was truly amazed at how all that gray in the walls seemed to suck out all the color from my floorcloth.  So, I brought it back home and have been working at intensifying the color.

For one reason or another, the installation day for the cloth keeps getting pushed back.  This is fine for me as I have more time to refine some of my ideas and work them out.

Before I began intensifying the color on the floorcloth I worked on this wooden box — an abandoned craft project — that someone gave me a few years ago.  I put the floorcloth in the spare bedroom for a week and painted this box.


Sunflowers and Crows on Wooden Box

This box is finished to a stage where I can add a few details and call it done.  The crow’s eyes aren’t finished and I want to lighten the flowers a bit.  This was a ‘for fun’ project and was a great break from working on the floor.  I enjoy the motif very much and have some plans to use it further on another floorcloth.


Chairs #1 and #2 of 5

This is a commission project.  The client is tired of Brown.  She wants blue, something light and airy.  The chairs are in a dining-area corner opposite the corner where the floorcloth is going to be. It took me quite a long time to work out a process for painting 5 chairs and then coming up with a design for the back of the chairs but that being done, I’m now halfway through Chair #2.


Chair #1 – finished!


Close-up, design on chair

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4 Responses to Decorative Painting Projects Summer ‘14

  1. beetleypete says:

    Nice to see the sunflower cloth spread out, with Albert as an indicator of size. It is a lot bigger than I had anticipated, I had presumed it was a rug or runner size. The box looks really nice, and I would like to see it, when completed. The finished chair looks lovely too. I remember these projects from a while ago I believe, and there was another cloth with crows at the border. Was that finished?
    Great to see these, and looking forward to others.
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

  2. I love the crows with sunflowers…what a great combination of natural colors and shapes! The floor cloth is wonderful; I can just imagine how it will brighten a space! Everything looks lovely…and congratulations on that flexibility!

  3. You have inspired me to try and do a floor cloth. I am going to try a Daniel’s doodles on it, maybe to go under my table I doodled. Thanks for sharing your projects!

  4. candidkay says:

    Too gorgeous to be a floorcloth! Absolutely beautiful, Gretchen.

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