This and That May 14, ’14


WC Sketch, May 12, ‘14

May 14, ‘14

Spring is truly here, albeit slow, cool and with many days of cloudiness and rain.  Today, it’s cool,  59 degrees.  At the moment, the sun is shining.  The light is pale due to a milky cloud cover with bits of pale blue sky showing here and there.  I’ve no complaints about the weather.  I enjoy watching Spring unfold.  This year I’ve enjoyed my favorite Spring flowering bushes for more than 2 weeks – Forsythia and Magnolia.  Another favorite spring flower, Dandelions, have been bright yellow dots in green grass for weeks, instead of mere days.

I’ve begun my tomato season by starting non-GMO, Heirloom tomato seeds in peat pots on my plant shelf in a sunny window in my dining room/studio.  The progress has been exciting to me as I’ve — daily, sometimes hourly — watched for tiny plants to emerge from the soil and grow this far.  Since I’m a person who finds contentment in watching Paint dry or Grass grow, watching these tiny plants develop to this stage has been quite exciting.


Tiny tomato plants, 8 of 13!


My other gardening projects are also going well







The ‘free’ eating season has begun.  My parakeet and I have been eating fresh lettuce for days!  I’ve also had a few meals that included Dandelion Greens.

New Projects:

Wash Stand

From this….



To this…. 



Watch for developments.

Red Mirror

From this….


To this. 


I want it to match the Wash Stand so I painted-out what work I’d done.

Treasure Chest

From this….


To this. 


I felt it needed a re-do….

Floor Cloth #2 DD

And the beginning stages of a new (commissioned) Floor Cloth


Rough idea, stencil design, stencil design transferred to stencil paper waiting for me to cut out the openings….


For all the many things I’m grateful for today one of the things high on my list is gratitude to Whoever fixed the squealing dryer used by my fellow tenant in this house, however it happened.  I haven’t heard those horrific sounds (hour after hour, week after week) for over 12 days.  No unpleasant ringing in my ears, no ear ache, no annoyance escalating to anger.  Healing has begun….






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7 Responses to This and That May 14, ’14

  1. beetleypete says:

    Glad to hear the squeaky dryer has been fixed Gretchen.
    All your new projects seem to have great potential. I especially like the wash-stand, so I look forward to seeing that finished.
    As for your watercolour, the inclusion of the washing hanging on the line really made it for me. Excellent work!
    Best wishes as always, Pete.

  2. Wonderful projects underway! Isn’t this the BEST season for fresh starts and inspiration?! I worked in the studio last night, in the garden for much of the day today…am now hunkering down to get my book work done before going back to my “real” job tomorrow. Thanks, Gretchen, for sharing all the good things you’re up to!

    • Thank you, Cindy, for your comment and positivity! These are the days I’ve been thinking about all winter and it feels good to be out of my winter cave and winter mind-set. I have a day-job to go to, also, but not until Friday, so one more day of living the artist’s life!

  3. Am always looking for stuff in the trash to refinish but stuck in condo with so very little room to do stuff.

  4. candidkay says:

    Love it all–the sketch, the gardening, the household stuff. You make me feel positively lazy but are inspiring me to do a bit more home-making:).

  5. Kathy says:

    Gretchen, how is your garden doing now, just after the 4th of July? Are you enjoying lots of fruits and vegetables?

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