April 26, ’14


Forsythia,  WC sketch, 4/26/14

April 26, ‘14

Today has been chilly and gray with occasional sun.    The high temp was 56.  I’m some disappointed that this has been such a cold and slow spring but any warm temp is better than the bitter cold we had all winter and up until a few weeks ago.  Perhaps the slow unfolding stretches out the enjoyment.  This week forsythia is prevalent. 

I’ve spent little time in the enjoyment of a watercolor sketch these past few months.  With the increased warmth I’m able to sit in my big chair in front of the window for a long period of time.  Doing this sketch of the forsythia bush across the street was good for my head.  I was able to put my mind in a quieter place than actually exists in this house.  With this weather, the children upstairs have been inside and are most noisy.   For awhile, I didn’t even hear them. 


I received 8 plastic plant containers from a brother-in-law this past week.  4 of the planters are long and narrow and 4 are big and round.  I’m hoping to plant beans, cucumbers, spinach and herbs as well as increase my tomato plants from 3 to 5 – or more.  I’m also hoping to plant flowers around the edges of the house and maybe in the front yard.  My tomato seeds arrived in the mail from Burpee’s this morning and now I must go shopping for peat containers to grow them in.  I saved seeds from last year’s tomatoes but I haven’t been able to find them, so I ordered a new package of seeds. 

I’ll probably find the seeds I saved after I’ve planted the seeds I bought.  Sometimes, things just happen that way….

So far, I’ve started Kale, Peas and Lettuce.  So far, I’m hopeful for a successful crop.  I love that just the act of planting seeds and then tending them gives me such a sense of hope.




Peas (the plants are just starting to poke their heads out….)


A new pot of lettuce; the lettuce I grew in the bag didn’t work out so well….  I started the seeds too early in a house that was too cold.


Almost enough for a tiny salad for one….



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2 Responses to April 26, ’14

  1. beetleypete says:

    I once had a large forsythia bush, in the garden of a house I used to live in, in Wimbledon, near the famous tennis courts. Your picture brought back memories for me tonight.
    I was sorry to hear the children are still noisy. I know only too well what the irritation of noisy neighbours can be like, and I don’t miss it, since moving from London.
    Good luck with your planting Gretchen, I hope the weather holds for you, as we have frost predicted next week.
    Best wishes as always, Pete.

  2. Gretchen, I love this post! The painting is lovely, and I could sense your peace as you described sitting in the chair and working on it. You make me hopeful, too, with all your seed starts! Our snow is melting, too, and the dogs and I have had good walks two days in a row. I think we’re going to make it!

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