This and That


April 15, ‘14

April showers, today.  The past two days were April-warm and sunny with slowly growing signs of spring showing everywhere.  Some hyacinth and tulip bulbs I planted last spring are coming up through fallen and dead leaves and I’m hoping for some flowering, once they poke through and stand tall.  I have 3 buckets of winter kitchen scraps that are finally thawed and starting to compost and I’ve planted lettuce, kale and peas.  I planted the kale last week and discovered yesterday that there are many tiny little sprouts coming up. Gardening season has begun!


Albert caught and killed Mouse #11.  Other than being a great companion, I’m pleased that Albert is such a good mouser.  I dislike living in a house where mice come in and run rampant, which seems to be the case in this house.  A cat catching a mouse seems like such a perfect solution when I consider mechanical mouse traps or glue traps or leaving out poison for mice to eat.  I don’t enjoy dealing with the dead bodies any more than I do the living….  Mouse #11 was a big mouse and a huge surprise to me.  I almost stepped on its lifeless form on my way to the kitchen this morning.  I didn’t wake during the night when there must have been much action between Cat and Mouse.  #11 has been scooped-up in the dust pan and was given a ‘burial by sea’ as were Mouse #’s 1 – 10.    (Flushed down the jon….)  Albert has been given much praise and he’s now settling down next to me for a very long nap.


I haven’t been working on any of my art projects to the same degree I have been all winter.  Now that the temp is warmer, the days longer and with the blessing of a few sunny days, I’ve been happily engaged in Spring Cleaning and Re-arranging.  2 floorcloths need final details but I haven’t come to a decision as to what those details should be.  So, I stare at them and think….  I have an old floorcloth here I did many years ago for a client.  It needs a bit of re-furbishing and then return it to the owner.  I’ve managed to procrastinate that for over a week….  The most work I’ve done has been on the Step Stool.





My aim with this step stool is to finish it within the next week.  My client uses this on her front porch as a place for her house plants in the summer and that time is fast approaching. 

I haven’t worked on any of my paintings in months.  I’ve set my easel and all supplies out on the front porch, covered with a tarp.  I’ve run out of paint and need to order more.  I also seem to have run out of inspiration/interest and made the decision to focus on things of more immediate importance.  I hope to get back to working on The Series sometime soon.


Albert is on a diet; I’m feeding him a lot less canned cat food than usual because he no longer needs it for growth and seems to be putting on a bit of extra weight.  He’s not happy about this and there’s been a lot of turmoil in the morning with his begging and my refusing.  Finally, he’s settled down for his day-long nap and I’m ready to work more on the Step Stool.




A good day to all!

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One Response to This and That

  1. beetleypete says:

    Sounds as if things are improving over there Gretchen.
    Albert certainly does look well-fed, perhaps it is some mice that he has eaten!
    The step-stool is coming on, and I have no doubt that it will look very nice when completed.
    Glad to finally hear that spring is emerging for you.
    Best wishes as always, Pete.

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