A Blessedly Ho-Hum kind of Day….



April 5, ‘14

The weather today was unsettled meaning occasionally it appeared sunny with blue skies and occasionally the day was gray and spitting rain.  A stiff wind was ever-present.  The temp was in the mid-50’s but with the wind felt more like the mid-40’s.

My plan for today was to find a groomer for my little bird.  Her beak was getting long and I’ve been concerned that she was having trouble eating or had some other kind of health problem.  Earlier this week I was advised to call P*tc*, that there was probably someone there who could trim a parakeet’s beak but before I called them I went online and discovered a Pet Shop quite close to where I live.  I called to ask about beak and nail trimming & discovered that they did and would be glad to help.  I made an appointment for 2pm.

That left me with the problem of how to transport the bird.  I finally decided a shoe box would be much easier than carrying the bird in her cage, so poked many holes in a shoe box then found a big ribbon to tie around the box.


Sometimes it’s a good thing to be a String-Saver….

I thought I’d have trouble catching Lola, but she was surprisingly compliant.  Or maybe I’ve developed more confidence in knowing that if she pecked me it probably wouldn’t hurt….  Bird in the box, I drove to the Pet Shop, parked and arrived inside the shop at ten of 2. 

Turns out, the woman who runs this Pet Shop is the same woman who ran a different Pet Shop where I bought my little bird almost 5 years ago.  I always liked the woman and it was good to see her again.  She told me that the rent had been quite high at her former Pet Shop so she down-sized and moved uptown, where I saw her today.

While the woman groomed the bird, I wandered around the store.  There were 2 mini-pinscher puppies in the fenced in play-area in the front of the store.  I was curious if they were from a puppy mill, but decided not to ask a male employee who was bringing in large bags of dog food from where they were piled outside the store, freshly delivered.  I recognized the 2 very large green parrots in their very large cage from the former pet store.  There was a lone parakeet in a cage across the room – the only living creatures in the store.  The former pet store had been formidable with a wider variety of pets: small and large parrots and canaries, kittens, puppies, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, a wide variety of reptiles, many varieties of fish, even spiders.  This store today was more like a neighborhood pet convenience-store carrying mostly a wide variety of cat and dog food, supplies for caged birds, hamster food, kitty litter….  Necessary pet items and a grooming service that might cost less if one wanted to take the trip 3 miles up the hill to P*tc*, but would rather not….

Lola survived her beak and nail trimming with barely a squawk.  The groomer told me that Lola is a small parakeet but seems healthy and her beak wasn’t excessively long, as I’d feared. The bird survived her trip back and forth in a shoebox and seemed glad to be back in her cage.  I was gone for a little more than a half hour.   It was a relief to me to have that task accomplished and feel that the bird was ok; I gave the groomer a generous tip, in celebration.

The rest of the afternoon I spent dusting the tops of my bookshelves and then the lower shelf containing 8 or 9 photo albums, places I clean only 3 or 4 times a year.  I spent some time looking through the photo albums, until I couldn’t take any more nostalgia. 

A low-key Saturday afternoon.

Exciting, eh?

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2 Responses to A Blessedly Ho-Hum kind of Day….

  1. beetleypete says:

    Maybe not exciting, but full of positives Gretchen. An old friend encountered once more (the pet shop lady), bird beak and claws trimmed and healthy, shelves dusted, and nostalgia tanks re-filled. Also a trip out of the house, so you were not indoors all day. I would say that was an OK sort of day!
    (We call birds like Lola Budgerigars here, normally shortened to ‘Budgie’.)
    Best wishes as always, Pete.

    • I like the term ‘budgie’ for parakeets but here in the US, no one would know what I’m talking about except maybe fellow YouTube watchers.. I’ve learned a lot about budgie/parakeets from watching YouTube videos from England and the US.

      Still in spring cleaning mode here; hopefully things will be all clean when the weather isn’t all gray and chilly and I can enjoy being out in the sun. I planted Kale on Sunday and am looking forward to seeing those little green sprouts coming out of the dirt in the planter.

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