Tuna/Cilantro Pesto Melt on Rye

Too bad I was too hungry to think about taking a photo.

I made Cilantro Pesto yesterday from 2 big bunches of Cilantro I bought at Price-Rite.

For lunch today I mixed Cilantro Pesto into a can’s worth of Tuna — just enough so that the mix held together as if I’d put in mayonnaise.

Placed Tuna/Cilantro mix on slice of Rye.  Thin slices of Cheddar Cheese atop Tuna/Cilantro mix.  Grilled it in cast metal fry pan on gas stove.  

Really good.

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8 Responses to Tuna/Cilantro Pesto Melt on Rye

  1. beetleypete says:

    I would like to say ‘Yum Yum’ Gretchen, but I can’t stand Tuna, I don’t eat mayonnaise, and I don’t know what Cilantro is!
    At least you enjoyed it…
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

    • I meant to post that on my Starving Artist Food Journal but forgot to change the page before I posted. Thanks for your comment, though. That sandwich was so good it was worth posting an entry.

      Since I posted earlier the sun has come out and it’s looking to be a really pretty spring afternoon with warmth. I’m sure there are many hearts lifting in my part of New England at the moment.

  2. This sounds amazing!

    • Thanks for your comment. I thought I was posting this entry on my Starving Artist Food Journal but forgot to click on the right button, first. To me, this was so good it was worth writing about. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes cilantro as well as tuna melts.

      The weather is getting a little better here in New England. We had a light covering of snow this morning and now the sun is shining and the snow is gone. The Arctic cold is gone, too. Low temps at night are above freezing and we’re looking at 50’s -60’s next week. Hope spring is showing up where you are, too.

      • Hurray for Spring! We are having warmer days and a good deal of melting, but still a few feet of it yet to go. Nice to have sunshine and warmer weather, though!

  3. candidkay says:

    Yum! One of my favorite chef bloggers has a recipe I want to try: http://wearychef.com/spicy-tuna-melts/

  4. I can almost smell it…

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