Monday Blues




March 31, ‘14

This is what I saw outside my front window early this morning.  It was a surprise, the heart-sinking, kind.  Spring is tantalizingly close, but oh, seems so far!  This Winter, personified, is a mean-hearted bastard who just won’t give it up.  The only way we’re going to get Spring is to endure the clasp of Winter’s cold, dead hands awhile more.  Perhaps tomorrow will see a big difference….


Yesterday was gray with rain.  It was also slightly warmer than today and my entire being felt warmer, too.  I’d invited 2 friends over for dinner on Sunday night and had a lot to do in the way of cooking and cleaning.  I was busy and happy all day.  My house and workspace have had a lot of junk weeded-out, a lot of things cleaned and dusted, every room has been thoroughly vacuum-cleaned, the bathroom sparkles, the cooking and the smells of cooking made things cheerful all day and the Corn Beef & Cabbage with Apple Crisp for dessert were a big success.

The client who commissioned the big floorcloth I installed this past Friday sent me an email that was so glowing with praise, I almost felt as if I was going to break out into purring, like Albert does when he’s completely satisfied….  That helps with a sense of closure on that particular piece and I can now let it go.  No longer a worry and on to the next….

Except that, as per usual, when I finish something big and let it go, I also go through a spell of ennui.  Not knowing what to do about anything, somewhat in a daze, getting involved with much cleaning and puttering around the house…. 

So, here I am — I’ve shown up at my workplace this morning and have no idea as to what’s next or where to start.  So many unfinished projects, so little inspiration….  Today is definitely a ‘sit and think about it’ day.


Today’s Problems:


Needs “Simple Decoration”  Flowers?  Borders?


How to finish border?  Fill holes on edges?


How will I fill-in the space on the thin border and then the thicker border?


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2 Responses to Monday Blues

  1. beetleypete says:

    I wish I had some advice to offer, but I am woefully lacking in artistic talent Gretchen. For me, the crows and sunflowers is already good enough, but I don’t doubt that you would like to improve it in your eyes. As for the step-stool, it works for me with a nice plain finish. That way, it goes with anything!
    Sorry you still have that awful weather. Ours has relented, and we have 17 C and humid today.
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

    • Thanks for your reply. If the stool were mine, I’d leave it as is but it’s for a client who wants some decoration on it. I already have a lot of ideas for the Borders, just need to settle down in my mind and make some decisions.

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