The Pall of Winter is Lifting…


Mar 13, ‘14

During the past week or so we’ve been experiencing weather that is a lot more livable and inspiring.  The temps have been lower than normal but a whole lot higher than the teens and low 20’s we’ve had for the past few months, so feels like Warm compared to bitter cold.  The longer days help a lot, too, since we sprang ahead in time this past Sunday.

Tuesday was the best day of the week.  It was sunny and warm in my workplace for hours and I got a lot done.  I went out that night with friends, which is a big deal because when the temps are so frighteningly cold and the days dark and short, I’ve been staying home, a lot.

It was so warm on Tuesday I didn’t need to ‘suit-up’ in bitter weather gear, not in the house or when I went out.  I didn’t need long-john’s or a heavy winter coat, scarf and heavy gloves.  I didn’t need to wear a hat.  Dumping all that heavy clothing for a change made me feel lighter as well as being out at 6pm in actual daylight and somewhat warm from sunset sunlight. 

I joined my friends in Litchfield; all we could talk about were the many signs of spring, which lightened our hearts even more.  We were light-hearted on our trip across Litchfield to Wood’s Pit Barbecue, during our great meal and on the trip back home.  I stayed for coffee and dessert and for a few hours just plain-old-had-fun visiting my friends.  I enjoyed the sense of being un-burdened on my trip back to Torrington – no snow or sleet or dangerously low temperatures to concern me.

I’m so happy to see the beginning of Mud Season and blue puddles in the roadways.  Another friend has  heard and spotted a Red Wing Black bird – a truer harbinger of Spring than the Robin as Robins have been hanging around all winter, for some unknown reason.  The white cement that covered us for so long proved to be snow and is actually going rotten and melting away.  And many more signs, too subtle and numerous to list.  I’m psyched….

Last night, a setback.  A huge storm over northern NY and New England and we’re back to snow and very low temps.  It was 5 degrees here at 6:30.  The snow that fell here amounted to a ‘heavy coating.’  No need for shovels, just a broom….  It’s almost noon and I’m still settled on the couch under blankets and have been here since 8:30 — the way I’ve been a great deal this winter, in a semi-torpor.  Today will have to be a Thinking and Planning Day rather than a Doing….

I enjoyed the Doing days and got a lot done.    I estimate that the entire Floorcloth project is 90% complete and I started 2 new projects which are next on the list of things to do.    One project is a wooden Step Stool, probably from the 30’s- 50’s, that I’ve been commissioned to refurbish and decorate.  It needed a lot of sanding and priming, sanding and priming etc. and now, a last coat of primer, another sanding and it should be ready for decoration.  I have a lot of ideas but nothing for certain except that the overall color of the stool will be pale yellow. 


The other project is the frame around a mirror that I bought for $5 at a Tag Sale 3 years ago.  I ‘saw’ it as being the perfect size and surface for a design using pink flowers on red.  To date, I’m happy with the Red but haven’t quite worked out the Pink Flowers.


I’ve been thinking a lot about Gardening this winter and am excited to have something growing, already.  I got the idea from a post on FB.


A bag of potting mix with holes cut in the bottom, for drainage and placed on a tray.  A big patch cut out of the top and lettuce seeds planted in the opening.  Four days later….


Happy Almost-Spring!



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4 Responses to The Pall of Winter is Lifting…

  1. I love this for the joy in your tone as well as the hope it brings to me! Spring is coming, and we will be there! Hurrah!

  2. beetleypete says:

    Great to see you happier and less worn down by the cold and snow. A really heartening post.
    I feel almost guilty, to tell you that we had almost 60 degrees here today, and I was quite hot, walking the dog this afternoon.The Robins are always here during Winter, one of the few all-year round birds we can enjoy.
    I like the step-stool. We had one like that years ago, when I still lived with my parents. It was Victorian though, dark wood, and turned legs.
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

  3. candidkay says:

    I like the idea of Thinking and Planning days vs. Doing days. If I can categorize them that way, I’ll feel less guilty on the days I’m just moodling–my version of the Thinking and Planning:).

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