Floorcloth Progress Mar 5, ’14


Blue Tumbling Blocks w/Flying Geese Border (WIP)

Mar 5, ‘14

With the days growing longer and mid-day temps being reasonably easy to endure, I’ve been getting in much more studio time than I did end-Dec ’13 through mid-Feb ’14.  In the past week or so, I’ve made a lot of progress on 3 of the floor cloths I’ve been working on for more than 6 months.


Yesterday I decided that Sunflowers/Crows cloth needed a thin border between the image and the outer edge.  I taped- off the area surrounding the space where I wanted the border and put down a primer coat of paint.  I’ll probably have to tape- off again to put down the blue for the border but it was cold enough in here that the tape was coming loose when I handled the cloth so I took off the tape, rolled it into a big ball and tossed it to Albert who wasn’t at all interested in it as a toy.

Blue Tumbling blocks hasn’t had too much hands-on attention lately but I have been thinking for weeks about what I’d like to do with it.  Yesterday I made the decision that since Tumbling Blocks is a popular quilter’s pattern I’ll add another Quilter’s pattern as the border and decided upon Flying Geese.  I’ve made quilts using both patterns as they hold great appeal to me. 

I’m pleased with both decisions.

Yesterday afternoon, I took baby steps on 2 other projects I’ve been procrastinating due to winter cold and the high cost of keeping warm.  I sanded the frame of a mirror that I’ve been meaning to decorate for a few years, now.  I sanded a wooden footstool that I intend to decorate for a client who probably regrets that she told me “No hurry….”, well over a year ago….


Also yesterday, I boosted the light and dark color in the yellow flowers and added the centers.  I’ve recognized that I could probably work out more and more detail but have decided that’s part of my problem sometimes.  So for all practical intents and purposes I’m done with this cloth.  Except of course for 2 or 3 layers of polyurethane….  Funny how it ends with a whimper and not a bang….

These longer days and somewhat higher temps seem to be drawing me out of winter torpor.

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4 Responses to Floorcloth Progress Mar 5, ’14

  1. beetleypete says:

    Glad to see your mood improving with a change in the weather Gretchen. I think all your designs are great, especially the crows and sunflowers. Keep going, they are a real joy to behold.
    Regards from England, Pete.

    • Thanks for kudos re: designs. While it’s still cold here and there’s still more chances for snow, it feels good to have most of winter behind and spring so close. I’m glad I worked on these things when things were bad and glad I’m coming to the end and things going so well. I read somewhere that you’re starting to get signs of spring where you are in the UK; hope that’s true and hope you’re enjoying.

  2. Love all the floorcloths! Great job on those! Here is to spring being sprung!

    • Spring is in the air a little bit today and the sun is shining so feeling less down and a bit more hopeful. In the forecast for next week; more cold and a snow storm so let’s get out there and enjoy this good weather while it lasts. Thanks for kudos on my floorcloths; appreciate it.

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