Feb 13, ‘14

Snow is falling, has been falling….  Snow started soon after day break and a few hours later, is falling so heavily it appears to be as if an avalanche in slow-motion.  All available space is filling rapidly, snow is piling high wherever it falls.  For many people, today has been cancelled.  Nothing much to do but sit and watch the snow fall and take it easy until shoveling-time.

I’ve been re-working studies from many years ago.  Spending time down Memory Lane. 

This one on top is the farm that’s next door to my child hood home where my mother still lives.  The scene is from her kitchen window.  It was during a winter much like the winter today; very cold, much snow.  I’d come from Vermont to house-sit while my parents were in Mexico.  I’d been hoping for much less snow and cold than there was in Vermont, but this winter covered New England with snow and cold extending from Canada to Washington DC.  Feb 12, ’14 had a similar look and feel.

This is the scene from my window today. 



I’ve been re-working a few flower studies that I did in ’93 when I lived in Litchfield.  I have a distinct memory of painting these flowers; I set up my easel in the driveway in front of my door and did these small flower-scapes using plants that were in pots on my door step.  The days I painted these flowers were warm and sunny and I didn’t have to dress in layers of clothing to keep warm.  I was probably barefoot or wearing flip-flops.



I made a last minute trip to the grocery store yesterday afternoon.  It was a nice afternoon to get out in the sun for awhile despite the fact that it was very cold.  The scene at the supermarket was pretty much as expected on a day before a Nor’easter.  The parking lot was filled.  Shopping carts were scattered all over the lot and a few supermarket employees were busy rounding them up.  I only needed a basket for the few things I wanted but there weren’t any.  A woman who was done shopping handed her basket to me before she left the store.  We shared a few good-natured words about the amount of people who were shopping and scarcity of baskets.  Fortunately, there was plenty of cat food, which is what I most needed.

There’s no way I want to be housebound with a hungry Albert. 

As I was leaving the store I ran into my former neighbor from Culvert St.    It was good to see him and we had a long chat before going our separate ways, catching up on each other’s recent news.  We mostly bitched and moaned about the weather and the difficulty of staying positive through the hard times of much snow and cold.  Before we parted he left me with these words of advice that gave me a laugh, changed my perspective and still has me chuckling today. 

“Have a great winter….unless you have other plans.”  

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  1. beetleypete says:

    I can really get a feel of the effect of the weather from your words Gretchen. And your painting of the wintry house conveys the bleakness and cold of those harsh winters.
    I hope it ends for you soon.
    Regards as always, from an unusually sunny, but cold, Norfolk. Pete.

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