December 15, ’13


Lynne’s Farm  (WIP)

When you are an anvil, hold you still. 

When you are a hammer, strike your fill. 

Polish Folklore

Ides of December

Yesterday’s snow storm is over.  The sun came out today and the wind died down.  It was a very calm day, here.  For a good part of today, the sounds of shoveling and snow plow blades scraping driveways and the road.  No snowblowers!  We had 7-8” of snow and it was too wet and heavy for a snowblower.  My car is cleaned off, my parking space and the driveway behind my car is cleared as well.  The guy next door did a lot of the shoveling on his side of the driveway and also started clearing a path on the sidewalk in front of my house.  I did the rest.  It was slow-going because of the weight of the snow, so I took it slow and enjoyed being outside.  Wispy clouds were moving across the sky and as I watched I experienced a sensation I used to enjoy as a kid; that of squinting my eyes in such a way that it appeared the sky and clouds were stationery and the earth the moving body.  I set my eye glasses way down on my  nose in hopes that my bare eyes would absorb some Vitamin D from the sun.  And perhaps I did or perhaps it was a combination of the sun and the exercise – I feel much happier and healthier than I did before I suited-up and went outside to shovel snow.

Plus, I found a Snickers in my hand bag I’d forgotten I bought!

Which is good news for my sweet tooth as I’m almost out of cookies.

The sun is beginning to set; the hours of sun and warmth were all too short.

More January-type weather is forecast for the next few days and another snow storm forecast for Tuesday morning. 

And so it goes….



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3 Responses to December 15, ’13

  1. beetleypete says:

    Sounds as if you are guaranteed a White Christmas there Gretchen. We have an unseasonal 10 degrees here, and light rain. It rarely snows this far south before Christmas. In fact, you can place bets on whether or not it will snow on the 25th, it is so unusual.
    I like those blues in the painting, as I did with the other one. You capture that mixture of blue tones so well, and it is very appealing. When you get the chance, you should finish it.
    Regards from England, as always, Pete.

  2. What a perfect depiction of a mood, and how it changes! Lovely!

  3. Kathy says:

    I do like that Polish folklore. And the blues in your picture!

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