With All This Horseshit….


 December 1, ‘13

I haven’t had a good week.  I had a cold since 10 days ago, which probably hasn’t helped my mood.  I felt good on Thursday morning, felt thankful the cold was finally gone amongst the many things I feel thankful for.  I tripped off to Thanksgiving with a glad heart.  I dragged myself home after dark feeling like crap.  It’s taken me days to get warm and an entire package of paper napkins to keep my nose clean. I’m lonely, I’m cranky and I still feel like crap.  The woman upstairs has been home for 3 days, doing laundry incessantly.  She’s done her laundry at 7am and 11am and many points of time in between.  Her dryer is failing; it squeaks and howls, also incessantly.  I left a note for her, implored her to PLEASE get her dryer fixed because the noise is awful.  The dryer goes on and on…..

There’s GOT to be a pony in here somewhere…!




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5 Responses to With All This Horseshit….

  1. Kathy says:

    Awww, Gretchen, I’m sorry. It can be so hard to feel sick for so long…

  2. Oh, so sorry you’re sick! Get well soon!

  3. beetleypete says:

    What a week Gretchen! I don’t like to think of you, cold, lonely, and ill, with all the noise from upstairs driving you crazy. People can be so thoughtless, when it comes to using those things, or playing music, or having the TV too loud. Some of the reasons why I am glad I no longer live in a flat. (Apartment)
    I am sending a notional cuddle from England, so you know that you are never really alone.
    And I like the graveyard painting too!
    Best wishes from Norfolk, Pete.

  4. chris ludke says:

    I hope you feel ok by now.

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