Growth occurs in spurts. You will lie dormant sometimes. Do not be discouraged. Think of it as resting.

Julia Cameron

October 27, ‘13

After a few days of kicking and screaming (aka bitching and moaning) I’ve begun to accept that cold and winter are truly on the way and Dormancy is the new normal.

Much has been done around my house to prepare for winter.   The windows are 80% bubble-wrapped.  My friend Carl has covered the cellar windows with insulation and plywood and vented my dryer into the basement through an indoor dryer vent that captures most of the lint.  Heat from the dryer will help to keep the pipes from freezing as I have plans to use the furnace as little as possible this winter.

I picked the remaining tomatoes yesterday.  There were more than 40, all in various sizes and various colors, mostly emerald green and ranging from the size of marbles to bigger than my fist.  The dozen or so with any color that showed a ripening trend have been placed in a window that gets a lot of sun.  I haven’t bubble-wrapped that window, yet.

The emerald green tomatoes have all been turned into Relish that’s now fermenting in my small new crock that I got last week.

Today I plan to deal with the dead and brown plants that gave me so much pleasure all summer when they were lush, green and smelled great!  They brought me countless, highly prized & beautiful tasty tomatoes.  I thank those 3 plants in my heart for such bountiful production.  I’m going to cut up the vines for compost.

It’s all a part of The Process.

The Morning Glories that blossomed so gloriously on Friday were dead and brown yesterday morning, hanging limp and ugly from the high point of their growth up the side of the back porch.  Their last blossoming was mighty, like a firework display before the very end….  They will soon be compost, as well.

I still have a bit of Kale, enough for a smallish salad.  I’ll most likely add it to soup as Crock Pot soup time is now in session.

I’m in the process of creating a circle of warmth for me, Albert and The Bird – and future visitors.  This requires much moving of furniture and other assorted things, vacuum cleaning, dusting….  We’re all moved into the living room so we can get maximum benefit from the sun coming through the bay window as well as closely share the 2 electric space heaters.  Right now, the sun is coming in and it feels luxurious to enjoy the free warmth.   

I have much done in preparation to grow into the season of dormancy, as artist and a person with domestic responsibilities.   I’ve done much work in the past few days on the domestic front.   For awhile, now,  I’ll be resting.   


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  1. Kathy says:

    It’s good to be able to honor dormancy. To allow that it’s OK to rest for a while. May your spirit thrive as you rest. I know it will.

  2. I understand, lemme tell ya. Signs of winter acomin’ here in Miami, Florida too. The other night it was a bone chilling 75 F.

  3. beetleypete says:

    Your preparations for the coming Winter seem extensive Gretchen, but at least you have them in place now.
    I like the shadow in your painting, and the sense of light on the stones.
    Still not too cold in Norfolk yet; one source of heating is now repaired, just the wood burner to sort out now.
    Regards from England as always, Pete.

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