Oct 19, ‘13

For 5 of these:



Plus $30.00

I got these:


Wash Stand (now night table)

½  gallon Crock

Gallon Crock

Wash Stand = @ $12.00 (marked down on the spot from $22. to $12.)

Gallon Crock = @ $22.00

½ gallon Crock =  @$28.00 (Better shape than the Gallon Crock)

All come to $62.

Minus the value of 4 of the wooden crates  @ $8.00  per crate = $32.00

(The 5th  crate I  ‘threw in’ because it was an odd size).

Which I consider a sweet deal….  The dealer says he feels it was a sweet deal for him, too. 

Everyone was happy.

I’m happy to have the bulky and heavy boxes moving on in the world without me.  I’ve had those boxes since 1982. They were given to me filled with very old New Yorker magazines.  I read many of the magazines in the next 5 or 6 years —  gave some away, sold some–  and when it came time to move on from where I was living then, I tore the covers off the magazines that were remaining and sent the coverless magazines to Recycling.  The boxes have been temporary storage as well as moving boxes ever since.  They survived 6 moves.  I still have the magazine covers.

The Gallon crock is a perfect size for making sauerkraut.  The previous owner had used it as a planter and there’s still dirt in and  on it.

I can see the ½ Gallon crock as being useful  but right now, I have no plans for it.

I’m particularly pleased with the small Victorian Wash Stand because it is the perfect height to use as a night stand and because it has drawers and storage space.  It’s been refinished and has drawer pulls on it that are more Early American in character than Victorian.  When I get around to it, I plan to give it a faux marble top and paint it to match my bed and give it era-appropriate drawer pulls.



I have no idea when I’ll get around to painting the night stand but in the mean-time I’m overjoyed to have it to use as it is.  At last, I have a night stand for my lamp where I can sit up in bed and read and a place to store a lot of the junk now sitting on the top of my bureau.

The entire Junque-tique adventure has given my spirits a lift. 

Today is a beautiful day, full of sun and autumnal warmth.  Winter is coming but not too quickly.  Buttoning-up time is upon us and I have much to do to prepare for Winter before I get around to painting the night stand.

And one more ripe tomato to eat for lunch!






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3 Responses to

  1. beetleypete says:

    Looks like a good deal Gretchen! I use some old boxes like the Canada Dry ones and some Schweppes ones, to store vinyl singles and albums. They are nice and strong, and the wooden handle holes can take the weight. So, I would have bought them, if I had been in the US of course…
    Regards from England, as always, Pete.

  2. Kathy says:

    Indeed, what a lot of lovely finds, Gretchen! My dad has been a collector of wonderful things all his life. I don’t collect, but admire those who create such beauty and usefulness out of used items.

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