Progress Report Oct 18, ’13


Orange and Blue a la Cezanne (Work in Process….)

October 18, ‘13

Fall/Autumn in NW CT, so far, has been one of the best in recent memory.  The ‘best’ meaning, more days of sun and warmth than rain, no frost yet and none in the 5 day forecast, no need to heat with the monster in the basement, tomatoes and a few zucchini ripening on the vine and more raspberries to come.  The color on the landscape is autumnal but there is still much remaining green; it’s about 50/50.  I’ve been enjoying these days as if there were no such thing as Winter.

On the other hand, I’m well-aware that Winter is “a comin’ soon,  loud sing goddamn”. *

Due to The Sequester and The Shutdown, my pre-Sequester/Shutdown projected Fuel Assistance has dropped to a third of what it would have been had these 2 events been handled differently by the elected powers that be.  So, I’m grateful that I learned how to manage The Monster Under My Bed and grateful for this wonderful weather that besides being emotionally and spiritually inspiring, isn’t costing me a red cent for fuel.  At present, there’s plenty of oil to feed The Monster when I need it, there’s  one more load of Monster Food when I run out what I have now.  After that….?

Time will tell.


I have 15 or so green tomatoes hanging from the vines.  They’re ripening slowly due to the lowering rays from the sun, but all the same, they’re ripening and unimpeded by frost.  I haven’t had a tomato sandwich in a week because I ran out of ripe tomatoes.  Man, was that a wake-up call….  For over a month I’d grown so accustomed to having a tomato sandwich for lunch every day that I never gave much thought to the day I’d have to eat something different.  There’s one ripe tomato on the windowsill and that’s today’s lunch.  I’m as grateful for that tomato as I have been all the others but the gratitude today is a bit more poignant. 

The raspberry supply is dwindling, also due to shorter days and lower sun, but they’re still coming in.  I need to pick some today, before dark.


All my work is going well and for that I’m truly grateful.  I don’t often like to mention when I think things are going well as I don’t want to jinx the roll.  But, things are going well for now and I’ll own it and give thanks for not being in a place of despair but a place of hope.  In these past few weeks I’ve had quite a few moments of fresh insight as I arrange pigment on flat surfaces and the images of my main body of work are being lifted from vagueness into a sense of clarity, which to me, is also hopeful.


This afternoon, after my Tomato Sandwich, I’m packing up 5 vintage wooden collectable soda boxes into my car and taking them to a dealer of Junque-tiques.  I showed him photos of the soda boxes yesterday and he didn’t want to buy them but when I suggested he take them in trade for a 1 gallon stone-ware crock, he agreed.  That’s down-sizing, right?  5 crates take up a lot more space than a one gallon crock…. The crock will serve me a better purpose for making sauerkraut than the heavy soda boxes do for shelving.

And so it goes.  Hi ho. **

A happy weekend to All!


 *(Ezra Pound, best of my recollection….)

** (Kurt Vonnegut, best of my recollection….)


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2 Responses to Progress Report Oct 18, ’13

  1. beetleypete says:

    A good catch up of your activities Gretchen. The weather is similar here, not too cold, lots of showers, and a lot of green left on the trees. I like the still life painting, a lovely blue.
    The heating men took another five hours to fix my system today. The bill for the week came to over £450, ($718 US) though much of that was for new parts. Fingers crossed it behaves now!
    Regards from England as always, Pete.

    • Thanks for kudos on the painting beetleypete. I have an idea of a place where I might display it for Christmas Season & appreciate the feedback, boosts confidence.

      We’re having another pretty autumn day here, seasonally warm & bright, cloudless blue skies and no frost predicted in the 5-day forecast. And no need to turn on the furnace/boiler.

      Glad your heating men fixed your heating system; sorry about the cost. Fingers crossed for you that it behaves.

      Regards to you from New England. GG

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