Squirrely Time



It’s not the destination, it’s the Journey….

Sept. 9, ’13

Squirrely Time Season is upon us.  The days are shorter, the heat of summer is cooling, produce from the garden is ready for harvest, the leaves on the trees are all changing color, goldenrod is the prevalent flower on roadsides – the distant early warning system has sent out the first alarms.  Winter is coming!  Hurry, hurry, hurry!

In any given day I have 2 sets of clothing.  1 set for the cool of the day, another for the warmth of the day.  In the evening, when it gets cool, if I can’t find a sweater, it’s probably in the car, cast aside in the heat of the day. 

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve had much company.  The dining room table has seen much use.  If I’m not using it for a work table it’s because I’m dining at it with friends.  Many of my friends don’t like to drive at night and since the days are now shorter, we ‘lunch.’  Many are leaving for warmer places, so a Farewell to Summer lunch.   Over the Labor Day weekend,  I had a few Homecoming luncheons.  Work table/Dining Table = Squirrely.

Because of all the activity around my dining table, I’ve only worked on 2 of the 3 Floor Cloths I started a few weeks ago.  They didn’t take up so much space and I could move them easily as well as the all the supplies.  My last scheduled luncheon is today and I’ll probably have the 3rd and largest floor cloth on the table as soon as the dishes from lunch are washed. 

In the meantime, the 1st 2 floor cloths are at a place where I need to give them a thin coat of polyurethane thinned with water –a barrier coat.  If these floor cloths were houses I’d consider them as having a foundation and framing.  After the barrier coat has dried (and I have time) I’ll be able to put up sheet rock and siding and finish off with a roof – figuratively speaking, that is.

Floorcloth 1:  Sunflowers and Crows II.  Floorcloth 2:  Tumbling Blocks I.    Really creative titles, eh?

So far, I’m pleased with the progress and as per usual, when I’m designing and painting, am well-pleased and grateful for the adventure of Process. 



And, now I’m off to make the change from work table to dining table!



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2 Responses to Squirrely Time

  1. beetleypete says:

    I really like the cloth in the picture above, with the geometric pattern, great work Gretchen.
    Autumn is well upon us here, with occasional torrential rains, and colder nights. How soon we forget those intensely hot days, only a couple of weeks ago…
    Regards from Norfolk, Pete.

  2. Kathy says:

    Thinking about squirrely time. Around here that means the squirrels are up in the trees eating acorns. The acorns keep plopping down on the ground. You want to be careful where you walk! Another nice floor cloth, Gretchen.

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