9 a.m. and all is well.


What you seek is seeking you.


August 11, ’13

Yesterday and this morning remind me of a song where I recall the tune and a few of the words; “Bring on those lazy, crazy, hazy days of Summer, those days of soda and pretzels and beer….”  And while I’m not a fan of soda and pretzels and beer, I’m enjoying a sense of laziness – where I sit back and take it easy.  And go to the fridge for another glass of flavored ice water or heat up another cuppa coffee….    Yesterday morning and this morning have been on the cool side, where I want a light robe to keep off the morning chill until around 10 a.m. when the robe is suddenly too warm and I cast it aside.  It’s not so chilly in the morning where I need to keep my feet warm, so my feet are bare.

The most prevalent sound in this neighborhood this morning has been that of peace and quiet.  Few cars have passed by, there hasn’t been the sound of sirens out on East Main St, no people have been out on the street.  I imagine all those regulars I see on the street are sleeping-in, this morning.  

I haven’t heard many birds except for jays and a few crows.  I think that the time for morning bird song has past and those birds are gone back to wherever they’re from – until next spring.   The absence of early morning bird song and the presence of orange and yellows showing faintly in the forest of leaves that fills the street and the surrounding countryside are speaking gently of Autumn.

9 a.m. and all is well.  A perfect Sunday morning. 


Albert caught a mouse yesterday.  I think it may be the same mouse he caught on Friday night.  And after all the fuss, I think the mouse is still at large.  The mouse explains to me why Albert has taken to sleeping in the bathroom on a mat.  I think he’s known this mouse was around for almost a week, now.  I caught some of the action on a video yesterday, before the battery went dead.  After that, I left them alone and sat on the porch for awhile, sketching the pre-dusk Dusk behind the red house across the street. 

For more of Albert and the mouse: http://youtu.be/GBqLxEU8Hlw


Regarding my work on The Work:  I feel that something I’ve been seeking is closer to being found.  I can see where my work has come a long way and there’s hope inside that in the long way to go there will be a sense of ‘finished’ and ‘moving-on.’  I constantly have to keep in mind that it’s not the destination, but the journey….  I journey on.


A great source of pleasure for me has been my gardening attempt at this new place throughout this summer, especially my tomatoes.  I have 3 Big Boys, heirloom tomatoes, the kind my mother grew when I was a kid.  They’ve made me happy since Day One, when they arrived mid-May from the grower. From 3” baby plants to the mighty plants they are now….    They tower over me; the scent of the stalks and leaves fills me with a sense of bliss.  The plants are healthy and that pleases me, too.  I’ve taken great care to nurture them from tiny plants to a productive and fruitful vine that has grown high and wide.  On each plant are many green tomatoes, some large, sine mid-size and many small.  I noticed this morning that there is much yellow in some of the mid-size and some of the larger ones are showing pink.  This is exciting! 

Last week I noticed that some of the small green tomatoes had bottom rot.  Oh No!  Off to the Internet where I discovered that these plants were probably low on calcium and perhaps I was being too careful not to overwater when in fact they may have been somewhat water-deprived.  Things are better, today. Nary a one with bottom rot or any other kind of alarming disease….

It’s my dream that someday I’ll grow tomatoes and have an overabundance.  I’d love to be bitching about having too many tomatoes and be searching for people who’d like some rather than spend all the time and energy on growing and caring for them and perhaps get a dozen, if I’m lucky.


This is about all the news from Little Pink, today.  Go forth and have a good one.

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One Response to 9 a.m. and all is well.

  1. beetleypete says:

    That sounds like a peaceful start to a Sunday. It is hard to believe that the leaves are turning already, when we have only had three weeks of a summer here. Still, the famous autumn leaves of New England must be a sight to look forward to. Regards from England,Pete.

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