Over These Things Part II


July 26, ’13

The color and tone of this late afternoon was bright and warm.  Not excitingly bright but much more positive than this morning and much warmer.  I’ve cast off the sweater and the socks.  I didn’t sleep well last night;  late-morning,  in the dullness of the day, head nodding, eyelids drooping, I decided to take a nap.  I slept for 2 hours and woke to a day where the skies were lightening-up and sunshine moving in.    As if morning was breaking late in the day….


A 2nd article was published regarding the old house and my painting on the scene this past Monday morning.  I’m well pleased that this old house has been memorialized.  It somewhat eases my sense of sadness and frustration that the Historic District was not respected and the house so far, has not been saved from destruction.




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2 Responses to Over These Things Part II

  1. I like your watercolors. I would like to showcase some on my Wednesdays guest posts for artists, cartoonists and some poets. Lemme know if interested. I did not see notify new posts box berlow or follow button in widgets or I would have subscribed. Thanks visit my blog.

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