An Amendment to Peace Break in White’s Woods


Heat Wave Day #3


July 19, ‘13

In yesterday’s post I wrote that I returned to my painting spot in White’s Woods with Wasp Spray, which isn’t the truth. 

I woke with a start early this morning when my mind told me I’d written about Wasp Spray as a weapon to ward off anyone who might come uncomfortably close when I’m painting outside when in truth, it was Pepper Spray I’d bought to take with me when I returned to the Zen Garden spot on the Bantam River to continue work on my painting.

I think that I thought I’d bought Wasp Spray and almost totally forgot about going to the Hardware Store for a container of Pepper Spray – which made me feel as responsible & heavy-hearted as if I’d gone to buy a gun.  It wasn’t until a few days after I’d been back to the spot – with Pepper Spray! — and reclaimed the peace of the spot when I was talking to a friend and she told me that Wasp Spray is a far better weapon because it shoots farther and with more power than Pepper Spray and whoever gets shot with Wasp Spray has to go to the ER for removal and an antidote.  Wasp Spray reportedly shoots so far that the shooter doesn’t get covered with it as one might with Pepper Spray.  I made a note to myself to pick up a can of Wasp Spray next time I go paint outside, but never have.  I was so alarmed the day the 2 men accosted me that I would have gladly have sent them to the hospital if they made any further advances, Pepper Spray or Wasp Spray.


Today is hotter than the hammers of hell.  I have no idea what the hammers of hell are but am getting a good mental visual from the pounding heat of this day.  I’ve been up since Early to get a few chores done and will spend the rest of the day sitting quietly with my feet in a bucket filled with cool water, moving as little as possible.  At the worst part of the day, when the sun is coming into my windows from the west, I intend to spend in siesta in the A/C in my bedroom. 

My best wishes for all who are enduring this intense heat.  Stay cool and hydrated.  Better days are coming soon.

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