Stained Curtain aka Design Opportunity in search of solution


July 5, ‘13

Soon after I sat down to my first cup of coffee and the cobwebs in my brain from deep sleep were somewhat cleared out, I simultaneously heard and saw what sounded to be a steady drip and appeared to be a spreading yellow-ish stain on my paper curtain.  What the….!!

On further investigation, I noticed water dripping down from underneath the wooden valance a former tenant placed over the top of the window.  Water clearly made a path from the under side of the valance down to the window frame,  down the window glass,  onto the sill and from there, into a puddle on the floor.   Some of the dripping water dripped down onto my paper curtain and left this statement on my formerly pristine white paper curtain.

Which began a half hour of kerfuffle.  I called my landlord and explained what I saw happening.  He told me he didn’t like the sound of what I was describing, would call a plumber and get back to me – which he did, within minutes. 

Turns out it was a leaking air-conditioner in the window of the room upstairs directly over the window in my living room.  The woman upstairs, (grandmother of the children, mother of Ms) discovered that her air-conditioner was leaking and had turned it off and cleaned up the water that leaked onto her floor.  Then she called the landlord, and through him, sent her apologies to me.  Which apology is gratefully accepted, very little harm done & that harm changed into a design opportunity presented to me on a paper curtain….  I’m also grateful that I don’t have to give over this day to what might have been a day full of plumbers and the repair of leaking pipes.  Or a similar scenario along these lines…. 


I’m happy to report that my little garden patch is doing well.  I hesitated to plant anything out there, fearful that my tiny plants were vulnerable to the toxic force that seemed to be running through this house.  But, I planted them and daily wished them godspeed and no harm came to anything – for which I’m also grateful.    There were a few unpleasant, unsettling and seemingly hostile actions, seemingly from Ms Upstairs —  towards my plants and garden area earlier in the spring.  Reluctantly/resolutely,  I made the decision to plant my few things and deal with any circumstances or untoward consequences. 

Today, the news is good!  My 3 heirloom tomato plants are flowering, my kale is strong and green and a squash/pumpkin vine is growing out of my compost heap and flowering daily.  Not much of a garden, but the little bit of garden it is, it makes me happy.   And hopeful….

Every few days, I tear a hunk of seeds off the seedhead from last year’s best sunflower and plant bits of the hunk in the garden patches alongside the foundation of the house.  The rampant squirrels in this neighborhood have eaten a few but many seeds have sprouted and are growing.  The first batch I planted, a little over a week ago, are almost 2 inches high with the 2nd batch just poking out and the 3rd batch hopefully almost ready to follow.  I’m going to plant another handful today.  It would be lovely to have a steady crop of sunflowers, for awhile. 

I plant the seeds, I dream, I hope for the best….

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