Buh Bye Milk Can and a thought for Today

June 27, ‘13


Support for Creative Ventures….

Thought for Today:

“Many of us equate difficulty with virtue – and art with fooling around.  Hard work is good.  A terrible job must be building our moral fiber.  Something – a talent for painting, say – that comes to us easily and seems compatible with us must be some sort of cheap trick, not to be taken seriously.  On the one hand, we give lip service to the notion that God wants us to be happy, joyous and free.  On the other, we secretly think that God wants us to be broke if we are going to be so decadent as to want to be artists. “   From The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron


The Milk Can is gone, history, cast out unto the Universe….  I delivered it to the Community Center this afternoon.  The director of the Community Center asked me if I’d had fun with it.  I told her that I did, up until almost the end when I began having doubts, discomfort and seriously thought about sanding down what I’d done and doing it over.   These doubts and fears seem to be part of my process and something to be aware of, think about, address, change….  Or maybe just accept these doubts/fears as part of the Process & let them tell me what they will.  I’m glad they told me to relax and let go the doubts because I really wasn’t in the mood to do it over.  The Milk Can sat here in my studio/living room for 3 days when there was plenty of time for last minute tweaking.  As much as I gazed and analyzed, fussed and fumed, no inspiration or urge arose, so no tweaking.  It is what it is and now it’s gone —  with my blessings for a long and happy new life in its present (decorated) state.

The Summer Festival and Milk Can Auction is on the night of July 27, so I won’t know the outcome until then.  I hope the sale of the Milk Can I decorated and all the others makes a lot of money for the Community Center.  I’m looking forward to the party as the food is good and there are usually plenty of people to see I haven’t seen in a long time.

I’ve been working on small watercolor sketches of scenes outside my windows.  This seems a good transition from decorating milk cans to getting back into my neglected series.  Kind of like cleansing my palate  — er palette.  


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2 Responses to Buh Bye Milk Can and a thought for Today

  1. I really like your watercolor sketches. Watercolors don’t like me,lol.

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