More Milk Can

June 17, ‘13


The sun came out on Saturday morning and I began the work to lighten the background on the milk can I’ve been working on — all month?  Forever?.

Over the course of the weekend and some 16-18 hours of work I went from this


To this


And it still needs work! 

I’m feeling somewhat chagrined at how much time I’m putting into this project.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s partly who I am and how I do things – try to make a sow’s ear appear as a silk purse — and it’s partly the surface of the milk can which is porous, scratchy and dented.

Some of my friends tell me they see the bands at the bottom and the upper mid-section crying out for ornamentation to complete the design.  I’m happy with the way it all looks at the moment and have no desire to paint any kind of ornamental motif on these bands as they’re the most porous and dented.  I’m not sure if that’s a good design sense decision or because it will take me hours more work to add a simple design motif and I’m not in the mood.  I like the shape of the milk can itself and see the design I’ve painted on it as carrying enough weight all by itself.

I have to clean up the edges of the petals and leaves where they touch the blue and that is about the most I want to do.  I still have to do something about the cap that goes with this milk can.

One more week and I hope to feel done. 

As I’ve been working I more and more see this milk can as a perfect container for sunflowers, cut with the stems very long and placed in a vase that’s been concealed inside the milk can.  I see this milk can on a sunny veranda filled with all those sunflowers and ask myself, who needs further embellishment on the container?


My new parking place isn’t working out too well due to the fact that my gas tank chafes a bit on a hump where the driveway joins the road.  I enjoyed the one night I parked right outside my back door but don’t know how many more trips up and down the driveway before I do some serious damage to the  gas tank, so I’m back to parking in the street. 

It’s been an unusually peaceful and Monday morning here.  Kid noise was at a minimum, no crap has rained down from the porch above, my garden is safe and growing nicely in the sunny spot just off my porch.  In the Now, life is good.

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