June 8, ‘13More Milk CanI’ve spent more time

June 8, ‘13

More Milk Can

I’ve spent more time working on the Milk Can this past week and barely any time writing about it.

It’s been a busy week.

Since last Saturday the Milk Can has gone from this:



To this:



To this:



To this:



To this:



And a few more intermediate stages to this:



I’m finally happy with the design.  Except for some minor tweaking at some point up ahead, I’m done with the design. 

I’m at the point where I’m going to leave the Milk Can alone for awhile.  I’m going to let it sit in the corner, look at it, analyze, plan on how to finish the background.  I want the background blue to be brighter.

It was nice and sunny this morning when I began working on the sunflower petals.  Since mid-afternoon, the sunny skies have been deteriorating to gray and the temp from warm to cool.  From the color of the sky to the feel of the air, Rain is  imminent.

I’m enjoying the work on this design but I’m also starting to get tired of it and want it done.  After the Milk Can is done, I have to do the top.  If I was getting paid for this, I could pay a lot of bills.  I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience, so that’s the pay.

I’m loving the design and think it would look wonderful on a Floor Cloth.

More soon.


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