Design problem iso solution



I volunteered to decorate an old Milk Pail that’s to be sold at a fund-raising Auction at the Litchfield (CT) Community Center in early July.  I have until the end of June to complete the project.  The theme is ‘country.’

I picked up the milk pail a week ago and have been living with it ever since.  It’s a large, gray, cylindrical  ‘elephant in the living room’ constant reminder to me to pay it some attention.

As per usual, when I accepted the challenge I thought it would be fun and easy.

Living with it this past week, I’m not so sure about the fun and easy….

I thought to copy some (or just one) primitive American farm scene/s, or maybe a Grandma Moses but as I researched these areas I felt that I wanted to do something that wasn’t necessarily easier but to me, more fun. 



The inspiration for this design came from a painting I saw for sale on eBay many years ago that I saved to my computer.  The symbols of sunflowers, crows, birds on telephone wires and blue sky says ‘country’ to me.

I worked out some of the design elements yesterday and then did a thumbnail sketch this morning. 


I’m beginning to get a closer mental image as to how I would like this milk can to look when I’m done with it.

I’m also working on a list of supplies I’ll need in the near future.

1.  1 Tube Acrylic Ultramarine Blue

2.  1 Tube Acrylic Mars Black

3 Find and Unpack some of my art supplies — find brushes, acrylic medium, gesso (in lieu of tube acrylic white paint)

4  Designate and set up work area, lay down drop cloth

5  Stop and buy tubes of paint on my way home from work this afternoon

Good to have a plan!




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