Paper Plates, Paper Cups and now…. Paper Curtains!

Browser won’t allow photo upload and I don’t feel like fussing with computer stuff any more today — Sorry!

March 12, ‘13

Life is starting to settle down to where I feel a sense of ‘normal.’  I feel an emerging  sense of routine and daily rhythm.  With each passing day we’re that much closer to Spring; every little sign of Spring lifts my heart.

With warming temperatures and stronger sun, it’s time to take the bubblewrap off the windows.   Aside from providing excellent insulation against the cold the bubblewrap also served as Instant Café Curtains for me since I first moved here.   I need this  kind of curtain here, for light to pass through and give me adequate privacy in a ground level apartment.    

For the windows on Culvert St I went to a lot of expense of time and materials to make very stout curtains with a heavy & insulating lining.  I planned to be a long-term tenant there and wanted curtains that would hold back drafts in the winter and lessen the impact of the sun in the summer – and wear like iron.  They worked there and to a certain degree, they work here.  But, since I previously lived on the 2nd floor, I had no need to block the lower portion of the window for privacy, like I need to do here.

I want to go to the expense of time and materials for curtains here about as much as I didn’t want to have to move in the 1st place.  Which mean, not at all….  I’m only half un-packed (or half packed, however one wants to looks at it) and  feeling ‘temporary.’  Committing to the expense of buying material and the time drain of sewing curtains isn’t something I want to do in a place where I feel temporary.   However, for the amount of time I plan to be here I want to replace the bubblewrap with something relatively attractive.   

Somehow, I came up with the idea of using Rice Paper.  The idea intrigued me so I went online in search of Rice Paper, which I found easily and also found some On Sale.  For $23.00  I purchased 2 rolls, which should be enough to cover  all these windows.  I was hoping that the paper was going to be flimsier and more transparent than it actually is, but that’s about my only complaint.  The price was right and the rest was easy.  Measure, cut, fold the edges, fold the hem, cut slits in the top, string the curtain onto a Spring Rod, hang….  Minimal Cutting,  no Ironing, no Sewing! 

I have to admit that while these curtains look crisp and white and were certainly easy to construct, they also look about as exciting as a table set with paper plates and cups and plastic eating utensils.  Unless we’re at a picnic….

I’d thought to decorate them in some way but have decided first things first.  Get ‘em hung. 

In the meantime, my Work is going well.  I’m pleased with that aspect of my Moving here.  Less time spent on housekeeping and nesting, more for The Work.


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