CABIN FEVER – March 13



March 8, ’13

We had a snow storm last night that started later than expected and left a few more inches of snow than was predicted from any forecast I previously consulted.  I’m hard at work in my mind to lighten dark thoughts that pass through – thoughts about being fed up to here with snow and how, goddammit,  I need to adapt my plan for today to the change in the almighty weather.

In my mind, I sound cranky, irritable, unreasonable….

In my house is the sound of kids who don’t have school today.   (Use imagination.)


Life in the new apartment is starting to feel normal.  I’ve been hard at work – working out my unhappiness at having to move here – letting it go, inch by inch.  Working on these old paintings that seem to be my reason to be…..

Some days are good, some not so….

Overall, hope springs eternal.


The driveway was blocked yesterday when I came home from work, blocking me out instead of in.  I parked on the edge a bit up from the street instead of way out back behind the house and as a result,  I have very little snow to shovel in order to back out  into the street.  The only snow I need to feel responsible for now is on the sidewalk in front of the house.  I’m postponing that chore until later on this afternoon, when the snow is predicted to stop.


I’ve figured out an inexpensive and (hopefully) artful way to make curtains to cover the bottom half of my many 1st floor windows.  I’ve decided to make them out of rice-paper and have purchased a roll of rice paper for $23.  I’m looking forward to working on my plan for quick and easy no-sew, inexpensive café curtains that will offer privacy and still allow the light to come in.  It’s still too cold to remove the bubble wrap insulation so I have plenty of time….    I like that I have a loose-plan for curtains and that Spring is coming soon because I’m super-tired of looking out on the world through bubble wrap.


I heard many red-wing black birds calling out yesterday when I went to see a friend who lives near a marsh, which is the preferred breeding ground.  The sound was sweet to my ears.  If the red-wings are here,  Spring can’t be too far behind….


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