Striving onward….


Feb 22, ‘13

A picture is not about a subject, the subject is merely an impetus to give voice to the problem or experiment the artist selected to be solved, the personal challenge.”

— Skip Whitcomb, Plein Air Magazine, January 2013, page 24.


I came across this quote a few days ago.  It had such an impact on my awareness ….

The picture isn’t about the subject, it’s about me the Artist and my life and my own personal challenge.

The absolutely best thing about my new apartment is the light in my studio from morning until late afternoon and that’s about it.

 Other than the light and the work I’m doing on my series, I’m not a happy camper.  I’ve ceased all unpacking and have filled the miniscule bedroom with boxes and crates as if a storage room.  I’m sleeping on the couch – in my studio/living room.  I have a a strong and pervasive feeling  telling me I want out of this apartment, that we aren’t a good match after all…. 

Seeing as how I’m totally disgruntled and disturbed by the events in my life of the past 2 months, I’m planning on resting here, for now.  I’m healing and working like crazy and will give it another month or 2 before I make any kind of further decision.  In the meantime, I’m open for change and increased awareness.


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