Seek No Further Revisited….


Feb 11, ‘13

I’ve reached the stage with this painting where I’m adding quite a lot more fat to the lean.  I’m pleased with how this painting is growing.

I’m pleased that with all that’s going on around me, that I’m finding time and space to make this painting grow as well as a few others.  A week ago, I began working on this series after my recent Move to this new house. 

I’m pleased that with Weather craziness and Moving craziness that there’s a spot for me in Time and Space and where I live where there’s balance, peace and reflection. 

I sat down to paint in my newly designated spot near the bay window as if at Southford Falls or out in White’s Woods or in my Garage last spring – or any of the hundreds of other places I’ve sat to paint.

No matter where I go, there I am….

The rest of my house is not in order.  I’m settling for disorder, now.  Accepting it, reveling in it!  I’m in the process of making decisions about all the Stuff that must wait until further notice, perhaps when the weather is better.   My house looks like a junk shop.

I’m hunkered down for the winter in my living room.  I’ve created a warm spot that’s centered around my coffee table, couch and an oil-based electric powered radiator.  I’ve place my folding screen, a clothes-drying rack and the bird cage on a bench in a semi-circle with a 24”opening – all covered with quilts, blankets and scatter rugs that makes a mildly affective draft barricade.  It reminds me of making forts, when I was a kid.  My friends who have seen my draft barricade call this spot my cave.  I’m bundled in layers of clothing and even wearing a beret and a scarf.  A trip to the bathroom or kitchen is like a trip outside and best done rapidly. 

The first really good day I had since I’ve moved here was this past Friday, the day of the mega-storm we experienced here in the northeast.   

Snow Day!  Leisure time!  A time to be grateful for The Power of no power failure….  A time to gather together a good book or 2, a bag of M&M’s, bake some lasagna, talk on the phone, do some wash and then settle down in a warm spot, pull up the down comforter and watch the snow fall while playing games or reading or doing a jigsaw puzzle and maybe even take a nap. 

Most of us had a 2nd Snow Day on Saturday due to 24inches of snow, a cold temp and very high winds.  It was a sunny day and I got a lot of work done on my paintings and also finished the Lasagna.

Yesterday was warm and sunny and not much of a wind, so definitely a Snow Removal Day.  I spent much time shoveling which seemed an impossible task.  A friend of my new upstairs neighbor came along with a snow blower and relieved us all of a great deal of impossible shoveling.  We helped by breaking up the snow to be blown and cleaning up spots of snow with our shovels.  That took hours as where the snow fell there were 24” of snow to remove.  Where the snow plows deposited snow from the roads, three – four times more snow to be shoveled to clear a narrow trail for pedestrians where the sidewalk may have been.  It was a warm and pretty day and it was good to be active and out of the cave, for awhile.  Had that man not come along with the snowblower, today would have been another Snow Removal Day….

When I came inside after shoveling yesterday,  eager for some coffee and hot food, I discovered that the power was out.  Through all that storm and wind, the power hadn’t even flickered but on a warm and mild day – poof!  Gone!

By the time I heated coffee and cooked some soup on a Sterno Stove, the power had come back on.  Huge sigh of relief not to have to go through the rest of the day into dark with no power.  Huge!




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