Inch by inch….


Jan 30, ‘13 

Inch by inch

Life is a cinch.

Yard by yard,

Makes Life hard….


The best thing about the weather yesterday and today is that the temp was and wil be above freezing.  Right now, the temp is 46 degrees and projected to rise to 54.  Heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast for this afternoon, evening  and overnight with Alerts for the possibility of flooding….  Heavy fog hangs heavy, gray and dripping over all.

I’m grateful for rain as being better than snow.

I’m happy to report that The Move is 99% Fait Accompli.   I estimate that I’ll need only one carry-carton to remove the last of the few items remaining – mostly cleaning supplies.  I’ve notified the Utility Companies that my name is to be removed from account s pertaining to my former address.  I’ve notified The Bank that Jan 31 is my official ‘Vacate’ day. 

I’m planning on returning to my former home late this afternoon so I can put out the trash bins for removal tomorrow morning.   My friend and I left a pile of unwanted furniture on the curb for removal; seeing it so abandoned fills my heart with sadness.  I’m almost overwhelmed with Stuff and Sadness for my former life in my former home and am looking forward to the day that this present Move is History.

My friend and I made a Herculean effort yesterday to remove everything that remained.  We had to take a few days off at the end of last week and this past weekend as the cold & wind was too bitter and intense.  Waiting to finish The Move until yesterday was the right thing to do and we accomplished much.  Due to the mini-thaw, I was even able to remove my Compost Pot and the pot full of roses and other plants that I dearly wanted to bring with me to the new place. 

The Stuff remaining in my car, on the 2 porches of my new home and in a few of the rooms containing un-packed boxes and bulging Contractor Garbage bags full of stuff looks like a set for The Hoarders

Before I sat to write, I unpacked a few boxes and distributed the Stuff they contained.  I emptied 3 of the Contractor Disposal bags and hung all my clothes in the closet.  Inch by inch, I’ll  attempt to create order from this chaos.



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4 Responses to Inch by inch….

  1. Congrats on having the moving all done. Unpacking is the worst for me. Deciding to get rid of my stuff FINALLY forced me to open boxes that I hadn’t in a year and a half since my move. Inch by inch i too am moving forward.

    • Thanks! I have a lot of things still packed and stored in the basement. I don’t know when I’ll unpack that stuff. The rest is semi-unpacked and much is strewn about waiting for me to make decisions. Inch by inch….

  2. chris ludke says:

    That sketch looks beautiful and soulful. I hope you like the new place better now. At least you can take your time about unpacking. I still have organizing to do from moving months ago, but no one cares,( lucky for me). I think of moving as starting a new chapter. And I don’t care how many times I do it in my life. I read one time how happy nomads are. It feels good to me to have miles go by under my feet, in the car or walking. Spring will be here soon !! Drive south to Richmond if you want a preview in a few weeks, we’re about 3 weeks ahead of you there for spring . But it was too cold and blustery here for 4 days for me to go out to draw. I can’t wait to get out today and go back to my beautiful swamp and work on a painting. It sposed to go up to the 40s and the wind is gone.

    • Thanks for your comment and thanks for your comment on my sketch. Since Thursday, when I officially handed over my keys for the place where I’d been living, I’m breathing a little more freely and while I’m not in love with this place, have the sense that we can work together. When I drove away from the old place for the last time as a resident there, I felt that some kind of cloud had lifted and that I felt emotionally & physically deplete from the stress of the past 6 weeks, so I’ve given over a lot of time for healing.

      I’ve moved frequently in my life and am using the experience of having lived, survived and had a life in Vermont almost 20 years ago where I lived for 2 years and through one of the worst winters in Vermont weather-history. I’m grateful that compared to then, I’m now so much better off and in such a better place. I’m not so much a nomad, more of a hermit-crab….

      I really enjoy your blog and watching your paintings grow and your commentary on technique. I also enjoy that you have a favorite place to go as I can relate to that as I have several favorite places I like to go to paint when the weather is much warmer than it is now. In the meantime, I explore the scenery outside my window with small sketches.

      I hope your weather improves and you get back to your swamp soon.

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