Cheese and Crackers for Breakfast


Brookside Ave, Sketch 4, Jan 26, ’13


Jan 26, ‘13

Another day of bitter cold.  It was 10 degrees an hour ago….  Today has broken into Sunny and Bright which is making things much warmer in this house than they’ve been since yesterday afternoon.  The back of this house is much colder than the front; when I need something from the kitchen, I plan carefully so I don’t have to linger in the cold and draft in there.

I’ve learned also that when I nuke my coffee that the standard 2 minutes isn’t enough.  The coffee in the cup is luke-warm by the time I get back to my warm spot in the sun on the couch.  I thought perhaps my Microwave was failing until I realized how cold it is here and how quickly the coffee cools.

I’m having Triscuits and Montery Goat Cheese for breakfast as a substitute for cereal and milk or toast and eggs.  It was quicker to grab the box of crackers and the container of Goat Cheese than it was to cook anything to eat or prepare a bowl of Cheerios and milk.  I feel that it was a relatively balanced meal even though somewhat unconventional by nutritionist standards.  Montery Cheese, for me, is a good way to start the day.  Like eating fudge but more nutritious….   I plan to work in the kitchen in an hour or so when things warm up a little.  I started a soup in my Crock Pot yesterday and had no need to refrigerate the broth from the chicken carcass that was the base.  It took approximately 2 hours after I turned off the heat & removed the carcass for the broth to gel and the fat to congeal on the top of the broth.  I’m not eager to pick the meat from the carcass as I know that it’s cold and wet and the kitchen is cold.    

I’d like to resume work on my oil painting series but that will have to wait until the weather is warmer outside and in this house.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying my morning pages of watercolor sketches.  This morning’s sketch is from looking out the top of my front window over my right shoulder.  I’m bundled up in clothing and blankets on the couch using the coffee table as my work table.  I’m listening to the Dalai Lama Chant – Ommmmmmm.  For 48 minutes, I was away from my mind and head and into my heart in the space of time and mind-set that I learned in Little Pink this past spring and summer.  Little Pink is no longer my garage/studio but is definitely something within me and something I’m grateful to have brought with me from where I used to live.

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