Tribute to Bubble Wrap


Bluebird, Spike and bubble wrap insulation



Jan 25, ‘13

At 9 a.m. the sky is bright.  The sun is behind a thin veil of cloud cover.  Probably  a harbinger of the snow predicted  to arrive late this afternoon.  The temperature here is +10 degrees.   Earlier the temp was +6.  The good news; the high winds of yesterday have died down.

Weather such as we’re experiencing now is best dealt with by Hunkering Down and that’s where I am, hunkered down in a small spot in this house where I’ve built a barricade to ward off chill.  Albert and Bird are very close by so we can keep warm together from the oil-filled radiator that’s keeping us relatively warm in the space of this cold house.

The rest of the house is a balmy 53 degrees.  It’s cost me $369.90 for 5 days of oil to keep the house as warm as it is.   More oil is scheduled for delivery on Monday – I hope the next payment of $369.90 won’t be a regular 5 day event….    I hope that this wicked bitter cold spell lifts soon.  I hope the sun bursts through that thin veil and throws some warmth.   If the sun were to be shining full-force through my bay window Albert, Bird and I will all enjoy a few hours of toastiness, like we did yesterday.

There are still things to be moved from my former address.  My friend and I decided a few minutes ago that it would be kinder on the 2 of us to wait and finish the moving until Sunday or Monday when the temps are predicted to be more benevolent to man and beast than they are today.  I’m fine with that; I feel an incipient case of Cabin Fever coming on.

The last time I experienced weather this cold was when I lived in Vermont in the winter of ’93-’94.  The temp and the winds were much worse than they have been here in CT for the past week.  For the 1st time in my life I experienced living a life of hardship on a mountain in -20 degree weather with a wind-chill factor of -40.  To keep my morale boosted, I attempted to look for some good in the situation and came up with being extremely grateful for electricity, running water and that I didn’t have to run out to the Outhouse when necessary as so many women have had to do for generations ahead of me.  I’ve been grateful for that these past 6 days, as well.  To counter the somewhat dismal things of today, I boosted my morale by being grateful for the multi-purposes of Bubble Wrap.  I can see Bubble Wrap being almost as important to my life as Duct Tape.

I bought a $30. Roll of 1” Bubble wrap this past fall after I read reviews on the Internet about how, when applied to windows, it increases the R-value aka insulation resistance.  What this means to me is that bubble wrap provides some insulation against the cold of the glass.  It works.  I used it at my old address and except for the somewhat eerie light that passes through bubble wrap, I was pleased at how it worked as insulation.  I’ve also used much bubble wrap to wrap my breakables in The Move.   Last week, I found myself stripping it off a windows at #35, wrapping & packing items and replacing it on windows at #76 after the items were unwrapped and put away.  Before I took my curtains down and re-hung them at #76, Bubble Wrap provided instant privacy as temporary curtains.  I don’t know if there are thousands of uses for Bubble Wrap as there are for Duct Tape but I’d like to start the list for Bubble Wrap  with the Insulation factor and the Instant Privacy factor. 

The Sun has pierced the veil of cloud cover and is flooding my living room so must close and go bask in it for awhile.

Stay warm.  More Soon….


Front window w-bubble wrap privacy and insulation

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