Dealbreaker or Challenge?

2nd Sketch

Jan 21, ’13 — Brookside A

Jan 21, ‘13

In no way, shape or form was I aware,  through verbal anecdote or anything written on paper,  that a 2yr old lived upstairs over my new apartment.

My understanding, through verbal anecdote, was that a single older woman lived upstairs and grandchildren occasionally visited.

Had I known that not only a 2 year old but also 2 older — (but young & home today because of the holiday)–  children all lived overhead, I would have been hesitant to commit to moving here.  Had I actually heard the noise this 2yr old child makes, never-mind the 2 older ones,  the rumbling, chair-scraping, toy-pushing,  pounding footsteps, baby screaming and babbling…. it would have been a dealbreaker and I’d still be looking….

Now what?


Albert has discovered a wonderful Playland in this new home and chases his new playmates around half the night.  He plays hard with these new playmates.  So far, I’ve dumped 2 of their lifeless little bodies into the jon and flushed them into the depths.  ‘Burial at Sea’ in mouse disposal parlance…  Albert’s ‘kill score’ so far this month: 2 mice killed at the old place, 2 at the new.  I’m glad he has something to keep him so active and interested….  I’ll gladly dispose of the lifeless bodies….


I did another watercolor sketch this morning looking through the street-side window in the bay.  Just as I finished, the sun burst through a layer of the thick clouds and is intensely penetrating the frontal layer.  The scene is brighter than when I began this sketch.  In the moment the penetration of light through the overhead veil of clouds isn’t casting enough light to make strong shadows.  Earlier the sky was dull and gray.  With this new light, the glow is orangish and mildly eerie.

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2 Responses to Dealbreaker or Challenge?

  1. chris ludke says:

    hi Reg, I saw your story of your move. hmmm. The new painting does look kind of eerily unsettled.
    Can you drown out the noise from above with a fan or your favorite music turned up loud ? I moved in Oct. to an upstairs apt. I had a lot of noise from above at the old one , not from kids, but because the apt complex is old and their floor creaked. ( a lot ) But the main thing for me was a safety issue at the old complex. Hope it works out ok for you there.

    • I hooked up my stereo and the speakers and played Grateful Dead all afternoon; not loud but enough that I wasn’t distracted by all the noise from upstairs. I’ve only been here 5 days so will have to be patient and let things shake down. Thanks for your comment.

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