A time to Break Down, A time to Build up….


76 Brookside, Sketch 1, Jan 20, ’13


Jan 20, ‘13

Today is Day 5 in my new life in my new home.  I’m enjoying one of the finer points of this new apartment and that is I’m sitting in large room that is sun-drenched.   Sunrise was a little before 7 and this room has been bathed in sun all morning and will probably continue to be sun-filled until late afternoon with the final rays coming in my front window and blinding me until the sun sinks into the horizon behind the red house that I can see from the top of my front window. 

Although I’ve been living in my new home for the past 5 days, I haven’t totally moved all the things from my old home.  I have until the end of the month to do that.  I’ve decided that today, I’ll give it a rest.

I had no plan to do anything specific this morning except to Be.  And take it from there….  As I sat on my couch enjoying the sun, coffee and news on the Internet, the shadow on the roof of the house and the clouds – the entire scene in front of me – made me itch to sketch.  It took awhile to assemble the tools.  The most readily available were 2 water color brushes, a sketch pad with paper meant for pencil or charcoal, a tiny pot of black watercolor paint and my old watercolor palette. 

I turned on the Dalai Lama chant and spent a blissful 45 minutes working on this little sketch.  It’s watercolor and approximately 3.5 “ x 4.5”.

Albert is curled up at my back, enjoying warmth from me and the sun, occasionally breaking into a few minutes of purring when I pat him.  It’s good to have him here on the couch with me because up until this morning, he’s spent most of his days in hiding.  He was not a happy cat to have been abducted from his comfortable home, crated, forced to ride in a car and then dumped into this strange set of rooms.  In the course of this past week he’s found a few hiding places here where even I can’t find him;  I’m glad that he’s feeling a lot more comfortable and secure than he did the first night I brought him here.

I’m missing life from the old place.  I study the tree-shadows coming down this new street and think of how the tree shadows are on the street where I used to live.  I feel a nostalgic lump in my throat for what was.  At the same time, I’m grateful for it all and for what I’ve brought with me to this new place.  I’m eager for what is and what can be.  I’m grateful for having gotten through a grueling week and for this morning’s sun and for feeling my mind in a  place of Acceptance.

And now, back to another reality, it’s time to do more un-packing and organizing and grocery shopping and laundry — time to deal with the ever-present mundane.

More soon.



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One Response to A time to Break Down, A time to Build up….

  1. Glad you got to spend the day creating and setting in the sunshine!

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